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  1. amazing amazon ...two words total sum
  2. I'm sure with the steam integration a very nice tool set is on it's way !!
  3. Thought id pop in and suggest a lil sum sum for those of you having difficulties, do a search in the linux distros for artistx, it has a multitude of open source editing and modeling apps pre installed for you, windows user...no biggie you can run the entire distro on a virtual box or on a live usb or cd....ENJOY !!!
  4. Something else you may want to tinker with is using a sphere similar to the plane , add your sculpted depth for shadow and wrinkle, then texture , grab an edge loop in center and scale down,(the inflate in sculpt will also give you the apearance of a wind blown curtain as per blenders camera position), will give the appearance of pleats or if rotated a dart in the material when projection painted.
  5. download the model for yourself, compare the mesh , now have a great day !!!
  6. LOL, ripped now here we are making assumptions , which will make you know what out of you. http://thefree3dmodels.com/stuff/characters/ada_wong_re4/14-1-0-2304 enjoy your assumption ROFL
  7. I'm confused here it takes you hours to extrude 37 edge loops and scale to proportion, then relax the mesh or sculpt it to form to an underlying model, weight it ,then texture it as per the process mentioned ? That being the case , I suppose your correct and I digress, wait until someone has it on the market or pay the 5000l aforementioned.
  8. The example was to propagate creativity and to assist someone in attaining that which they desired. The software is free, the time spent monitoring and replying to posts could have rendered a high quality mesh dress of desired suitability. Using a very easy method to texture a 3d mesh in real time, without having to have knowledge of marking seams, pinning and placing islands in a uv map, etc. I am not here looking for work, nor am I here to sell anything. The texture on the said example picture has limitations on it. If the same texture is wanted,and the individual user wishes to have it for personal useage and not resale or redistribution I have no issue in redirecting to the site where it may be obtained.
  9. Now that made me laugh my coffee all over the monitor.......HI-5 !!!
  10. would you care to wager on it ? for a reality check ?
  11. there ya go i u-l'ded the blend snapshot with vertices of the mesh model along with the avastar model used in original, if you will read the directions theres a quickie tut walkthrough there. again using the old and decrepit blender 2.49 b with ported Bprojection.py for projection paint. Its really just that simple.
  12. Right on and HI-5, I will surely have a look as I'm somewhat behind....but still taggin along for the ride !
  13. I appologize I was off on my timing by a bit 4 min 47 sec so average 5 min , which would total out to 250 an hour, if the market is there. I posted it in my public pics.
  14. I had no idea full perm mesh had gone that high, it is rather ridiculous as per the pricing, a lil too steep for whats involved. However, I have no influence on the market standard, but at prices like this I'm sure I will be back in-world and setting up SHOP.
  15. True, nice idea for a quick refrence on builds vs avatar height, one thing we did back when making fairies n tinies was to add a modified cam follower script to the doors. But those were for the under 2m avi. again excellent idea on the survey !!!
  17. Wow, is that the going price for 3 min of cg and rigging , maybe i need to be back in world selling mesh !
  18. Should be able to find a creator whip one out pretty easily, to avoid clipping and wearing glitch layers you might even pass the person your specific avatar hip height,etc.. or simply lower body dimensions , shape.
  19. Exactly as the the two previous have stated, as well as the application and intended use of build, everyone hates being inside a build and the default cam distance panning or orbiting their view into a wall. before we had the giants and some of the smaller avi's 8.5-10 m was a given norm, giving a generaly good view from any angle .
  20. If your into realism you may be interested in toying with the MakeHuman app, much more realism; of course mesh body and shape, as for skin theres a nifty script for projection painting in blender; Bprojection.py with a video tut. on skins be sure to collect swatches for your source ,of detailed areas of same pigmentation ie: knuckles , knees , elbows , eye corners, eye lids , lips etc. first layer on obj at 65 trans or opacity second layer of detailed swatches @ 80 trans or opacity second layer or pass the detailed swatches final layer is your touch up and feathering of mismatched pigmentation..ability to give yourself high resolution realistic skin to fit your own shape and unique to yourself.
  21. Sculptris has the Goz for z brush so should make your workflow much smoother .
  22. Absolutely, most popular seems to be decimate, however theres a great deal of detail lost n the reduction. The old and ancient blender 2.49 had a nifty script which would poly reduce and maintain a great modicum of the original mesh detail and shape. Another approach is to upload the obj into sculptris or z brush and use a poly reduction brush avoiding the areas of your mesh which you have painstakenly modeled to your level of desired detail. the old 2.49b is available with the entire scriptbundle in the repository.
  23. I'm sure "Flipper" has a few more apps and software out there other than these we have grown familiar with and associate with the Linden Lab title......my personal feeling is HI-5 and Kudos "when you can't get it all at once....get it all in small increments" author unknown alt
  24. If you don't have any luck , let me know , I will pass you a proto type I made when mesh first began in here "very similar" full perm with the texture maps if you want to mod the feathered texture. Or the .dae I do not build or sell in world any longer !
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