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  1. Took a break from this thread, just to come back and get a good laugh out of it. The counter arguments for a sub forum are still weak as a week before, doing nothing but swinging "We always did things this way around here"-club. B: "Hey, we are a Community of players, currently forced to share a sub-forum with a group we have nothing in common with." A: "No you are the same." B: "I beg to differ. Here, this is what we do, this is what they do. So yeah, a sub-forum for us would be nice, so we could stop interfering with one another." A: "No you can't have a sub-forum. You are not many enough." B: "Here are numbers that prove otherwise." A: "We don't care for numbers! You never had a subforum, therefore you shall never have one!" B: "Oh and you are representing the Lindens here?" A: "Oh shut up!!!" *runs out of arguments and starts trolling* So, it has been proven to you, that the combat community is different from the roleplay community. It has been proven to you, that the combat community is as big as the roleplay community. From my point of view, since all the 'white nights of the new and modern SL' (loved when you said we had no clue about the modern SL) are doing nothing than trolling and/or ignore facts (Hello Trump supporters!), there is no sense in keeping the discussion alive. Points have been made, arguments have been brought up, but there is not a single bit of ground left to be won for either side. As a matter of fact this thread seems to attract more trolls than anything. But I guess that is what these forums are made out of these days.
  2. Triggered much? The reaction of those caught red handed.
  3. Actually, I am growing a feeling that you guys are just happy you found a new topic in the forums you can troll. In the end it doesn't matter what Pax writes or how he does it. Tari Landar will only read the parts she feels like reading Skell Dagger will still be judging unimportant details up from his high horse (no ide who put him there) and the rest will have a giggle. You people pretend to be some eloquent, upper class, elaborated inner circle, but in the end you are helping this discussion as much as the last row in class that will always do their own thing during presentation. So, from here you got the choice to react in different ways: You can be upset that I dared to point the finger at you guys. You can shake your head in silence. You can try to plug my comment apart. Or you can reflect your manners and get a bit more serious. Choose wisely.
  4. I feel the exact same. Could have saved us all a discussion or two and some time. ^^
  5. Obviously you did not bother to read my comment at all, or you picked that little part of it that could be bend to fit your narrowed view on the situation to pretend the rest is not there. The SLMC was NOT formed to support roleplay. When we meet up for groupactivities, we DO NOT focus on roleplay. We are NOT roleplayers. So this is NOT at all about if we fit in with roleplayers or not, or who defines roleplay how, since our hobby is completely different. So you can try to come up with as many similarities as you like, but that doesn't change that there is a whole community out there that is forced in to a drawyer we don't belong in to. Right now, if we were to try to bring the combat community together to discuss matters like "Reduce your lagg by evoiding these scripting mistakes on weapons, tanks and gear."; and someone was to ask me were that thread went, I might have to answer: "Oh, that is on page three in the Role Play subforum, between 'Bear in his mid fourties looking for young men' and 'My troubles of being a diaper-fur'."
  6. I don't see why an adjucated person should label combat groups as RP groups per se. Fact is: Second Life allows you to use it to your likings, fill sims with the content you need to make your very own game experience. The groups within the SLMC are mostly looking forward to use Second Life like a FPS game. Not because there arn't enough shooter games on the market, but because SL allows us to express our creativity and design the military groups just the way we want them. Yes there are some that engage in some pretty plane "ranks" roleplay, as in you have to salute your officers around base or attend to meetings in the right uniform. But basicly that is about it. The majority of those who consider themself SLMC combetants are using ranks to settle who is allowed to call raids upon other groups or make decisions like what the next project you will work on will be. So ranks are for organsation and administration, not for roleplaying. They might be used for roleplaying, but that is not their main purpose. Don't just take our word for it. Ask any officer from any group within the SLMC if they are a roleplaying group. Try to look at it from our point of view: We would love to have a subforum of our own to get a platform for all SLMC groups to enjoy, a platform were we can exchange thoughts about rules for weapon scripts, rules of engagement etc. Take a look around in the list of threads in the Role Play Forum: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/320-role-play/ - Baby girl looking for a Daddy - 2 dogs looking for homes - Furry yiff roleplay ... That is not us. That ain't Coersion. That ain't the SLMC.
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