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  1. He means, the new collision bones. You could catch up more about it from the wiki here Rigging Fitted Mesh
  2. Hi again, I will try to give more details about my workflow. 1.Import fitteg rig skeleton 2.Import my mesh 3.Use skinwrap to copy skin values to my mesh from the skeleton 4.select my mesh and export DAE 5.Open DAE int text editor and change bone value to 26 and paste the bone names (found in skeleton DAE) at the end of the bone names in my DAE file. Results are: i can see the mesh in the viewer upload window but as soon as i check the Skinweights box, viewer crashes. So I guess I am not modifying the DAE file correctly?. Iki Akiri, any idea what might be wrong? I guess its almost same as your workflow. Thanks, lonu
  3. Hi, I am still confused. Chip Midnight wrote: Make note of the number of bones. It used to be 26, but now it's a different value. Copy all of the bone names between the name array brackets. In your exported DAE change the number of bones to the correct value . So this new value is the number of bones in the existing fitted mesh skeleton DAE file? (which is 50) or still 26 or is it the total number of bones I have in my exported DAE file (after pasting the bones)?
  4. So guys, now that fitted mesh is announced. What changes do we have to make for the 3Ds Max workflow? Do we still add the bone names manually to the DAE file ? If so, do we add the same stuff? I think there is a seperate bones list now. I refered this Fitted Mesh and this SL Wiki Shall we try to update the workflow, for 3Ds Max devs ?
  5. Hi, Did you add modify the collada file with a text editor? Change total bones to 26 and add the missing bone names? Idk about Maya, but maybe its the same workflow. Check this: Mesh Export
  6. FIX: lower the scale in the Upload Preview.
  7. Thank you so much for the quick response. Found it and tryn to fix it. Cheers, Lonu EDIT: I have managed to find out the missing verts and assign them correctly. I dont get any parsing errors now. But I am getting a new error when I press Calculate in the Upload Preview: "Mesh failed to upload: Instance exceeds 64.0m in scale . Upload_InvalidAsset." My Collada file is 351kb so I dont think its a size problem. My mesh is scaled to the default SL avatar. So what does this 64.0m scale mean?? Also I have checked the post mentioned earlier for fixes for this error, but I think this is not there.
  8. Hi, I am working on a rigged cloth mesh and it looks skinned in 3dsmax. However in the SL upload preview I am getting a parsing error. I have checked the log file and this is what it show: 2012-09-04T18:29:33Z INFO: newview/llfloatermodelpreview.cpp(1540) : LLModelLoader::doLoadModel: Collada Importer Version: 1.4.1 2012-09-04T18:29:33Z INFO: newview/llfloatermodelpreview.cpp(1550) : LLModelLoader::doLoadModel: Dae version 1.4.1 2012-09-04T18:29:33Z INFO: newview/llfloatermodelpreview.cpp(2584) : LLModelPreview::verifyCount: Error: (expected/got)1089/1084verts Does this mean some of my verts are missing? Any idea how to fix this? Thanks, Lonu
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