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  1. What came first the prim **bleep** or the egg? mmm hmm
  2. That's better than what happened to me years ago. Some chick stole my RL pic to post as her own rl pic. I had to go on cam to prove I was the person in the picture. It's just a huge headache...
  3. Yes but that's the fun in it isn't it? I mean In rl we talk to people behave properly atleast most of us and well live our lives normally. Here we can come on and see an pale white dude that's seven feet tall with a twenty i inch orange pee pee attached to him yelling into an open room "you wanna make boom boom with me" since he's foreign and how in the heck can that not be like awesome!! lol I'm just saying. I enjoy me some looneys. :-p
  4. If you're flipping bored is this a relationship problem? LMAO
  5. feel free to add me. I'm flippin bored! lol
  6. feel free to add me. I'm flippin bored! LOL
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