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  1. lol brooke, they beat me to it, mommy mentioned it the other night, at first I started thinking it was coz maybe i wasn't good enough, but then i realized, i really do spend a lot more time on here then they do, and they have a lot of r/l stuff, where as most of my r/l revolves around doctors. I've heard a lot of ppl on s/l go thro that so Im glad I'm not a lone, and while mommies are off, I'm usually tinkering around in the groups now making friends and finding ppl I can help, so tysm! there are alot of new ppl on each day at the agency that are asking the same questions I do, so I just refer them where you did me..they love the info. and omg I still have to add you lol...ss I got so sidetracked playin! :matte-motes-nerdy:
  2. Thank you hun, and tysssssm bout the advice on the school everyone, I had no idea they were set up like that, and we went looking today, (Mommy came with after she found out what I was doing)... they are awesome. feels good not to be the only tiny not at a agency....they did a awesome job getting that part set up. Personally I've always loved having a tiny av, and being able to re live the stages in my life that were currupt in a better light with sl, sometimes they help bring back bad memories, and sometimes they help bring back better ones...at first i was nervous bout signing up, but its not like rl like that. And while I know I can, I'll be honest and say I have a hard time telling people no with things, I've always been sort of a people pleaser, but thats one department I'm not budging on. hey it's a step I think with the sexual content, I was more afraid it was going to be like aw with the Gor set up...almost all the worlds we're focused on that back then. I've got to remind myself this is a completely different platform, and a lot kinder one.
  3. Thank you star, and it hasn't as far as I've been here so I completely understand! I'm going to check out some of those classes and see what they offer, ty for your reply, I had no idea they cost, but that shouldn't be a issue, SL offers me so much I wouldn't be able to do in r/l, and that's why I've fallen in love with it time and time again.
  4. Hi Brooke, I'll definatly do that next time I'm on, I'll have to look for the elementary school, I've heard about them and have been skiddish bout checkin em out lol, so much has changed since '09, they didn't even have teen av's then...least not the way they have them now, and a lot of the places I used to hang out, have dissapeared. I'm trying to figure out when they are on and would like to hang out, (Don't like being a pest). we've even been able to add each other to other things so that helps when we're both tied up in work, and one tends to try to pop on for me as often as possible I think...We went to a place I think was one of older s/l hangouts, and that brought back some amazing memories that I can script and do things with now, so they are really understanding and helpful, I am just on a lot more then they are and need to figure out ways to meet people and get out on my own too... I have dj friends on here, but not much else other than r/l intermixing with s/l. The other night one mentioned maybe getting another one I think for company, so if it's that noticable I think I need to try too
  5. So very true, after reading your post I had to add you.
  6. I was just thinking the same thing...I know sometimes I write books...but I skimmed to the bottom two sentances myself. lol.
  7. I've not been on s/l since 2009 I guess I'm coming back because I miss being a kid, and s/l is the place to relive things the way you wanted. I realize with my wonderful mommies here, I'm missing what most ppl probably already have. I'm lonely, I build and script alot, I also make Gestures, but I don't go out much less my mommies in s/l are on and wanna go somewhere... I'm afraid of getting hurt in r/l I guess, & s/l but I need to take that risk, and get out there to make friends...I'm sure I'm boring you by now, so I'll get down to the basics, I'm 30 yrs old in r/l, I enjoy djing, playing my clarinet, collecting stamps, beading, snail mail, and talking to friends/playing games or hanging out whenever I can. I don't date men in rl, or sl. Sorry, its just my preference. My r/l partner sleeps all the time anymore when I'm not...and promises to make time for each other, but doesn't seem to happen anymore. I feel lost and just need a friend that understands or has been there. I've been thinking about making a adult av, but I don't wanna get caught up in the sex scene here really, I'm very timid I guess, and as a submissive timid person, I don't want to get hurt. Does this sound like anyone else here? Anyway, if your looking for a friend, that's honest and caring, and doesn't play b/s or drama...please feel free to send me a msg.
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