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  1. last night i managed to login finally... woke up this morning, and now i'm unable to login again
  2. a friend of mine confirmed me that bdo is getting DDOs'd too, i guess since SL grind is hosted in Cali ... welp the real question here is: are we always going to be affected from these? this will be a premium day i wont get back from linden? uhmm so many questions
  3. ehm.. if u guys didn't knew, these projects failed, wealready won the battle against these extremists capitalists of the north ^^ Megaupload is coming back along with few others~
  4. @_@ lately second life has gone all fk'ed up, i have the same problem, in order to login i have to first, in the login screen set the debug settings with ctrl+alt+d then go to the last option... loggin registry settings i think, and select none, then try to login... somehow i can't TP ANYWHERE at all.. and i cant play media stuff in the game, my inventory items wont update propely after buy items, not to mention the non stop lag spikes... SL is becoming unstable.... yeah theres a lot of copy bots and hackers around too, there was once one that appeared in a sandbox and spammed me with objects... some kind of bot attack, had to relog to make them dissapear, they even banned me once one of my old accounts cause some bot gave me copied items.... yeah i have the same login issues as u do too... tried on Firestorm, SL viewer, Exodus, still no luck, SL is fked up, and everytime i log off, and i attempt to relog, i get this weird problem saying that the land started the "logout process and might have restarted".... which is a LIE, because i believe that is because my character doesn't log off at all when i close my viewer =_=
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