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  1. Firestorm problem

    So basically this problem happend some time ago, so I just downloaded phoenix. But.. now I want to use firestorm again. The reason why is because firestorm will not log my avatar in. I can log into firestorm with any username expect my own. I try my alt and gets through perfectly. The main account I use.. not so much. It loads up all the way and goes to " not responding " mode for a couple of mins and says " YOU'VE BEEN LOGGED OUT / CHECK IM AND CHAT / QUIT "
  2. Firestorm/Phoenix problem

    yeah for some reason every other viewer works for me expect firestorm...
  3. I don't know where to post this lol.... Well I have the latest version of firestorm/phoenix.. well I can't log in whatsoever! It's weird everytime I log in it says region is failed... and I try many different regions. So when I try another account it works?