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  1. I'm having the same issue. Been having it for days now. I think the login server bonked or something. I thought it was my firestorm bugging until I tried it on the regular SL Viewer and it didn't work either.
  2. So, I've been looking at the Bento Skeleton in world, and expiramenting with it a little, and I have just two concerns I'd like to adress. Would it be prossible to set up the skeleton links of the tail bones to have physics, and the same potentially for mGroin? I like the idea of being able to animate these bones, but being able to use real physics for these, if desired, would be a huge help.
  3. To be clear, there's no way to make the new bones use physics similar to flxiprims, is there? It seems to me like having to hard-animated the physics for something like a ponytail in hair or a floppy hat or something is a bit dumb... Surely there's a way to make the ew bones actually respond to gravity/wind/etc if desired?
  4. I feel like project Bento is an interesting step forward, but it's missing some noteworthy things. 1: On the back of the Avatar's head, why not have a string of bones for a ponytail? You're already adding a tail to the (in my opinion) convoluted skeleton, why not have some control for something like hair or a hat? 2: Add a few bones to the front of the pelvis, in addition to the back. I don't think I need to say who this would benefit or why, but moving attachments on the pelvis has been attempted before using butt physics with... No real success. Adding jigglebone to the front of the skeleton would be nothing but beneficial.
  5. The word "Fake" sounds slightly insulting to people who use custom attachments at all. I'm assuming it's just a poor choice of words however, and you did simply mean custom. If they care about looking good from the knees down, they certainly WON'T use the built in feet unless they have very, very, very, very low quality standards. They are hideous in terms of shape, polygon count/detail, and, as is the rest of of the built in Avatar, poorly rigged. So in other words, the only reason ANYONE uses the built in feet is because they don't care about it enough to pay for a set; which is understandable in conventional cases.
  6. I never actually saw that page before! Thanks! That's an annoying behaviour on SL's part. I hope it gets fixed.
  7. I see, so 3dsmax "cleans" up the rigging when you export? That tells me quite a few things. With that said, I took a glance at the file in Nopad and skimmed through it, but I don't really know what I need to add. Any help on that?
  8. I've done a lot of reading on this, and I have determined that Second Life is honestly just stupid about this. However, on the off chance I'm missing something, I'll post this anyway. If anyone is familiar with the problem of Rigged Mesh not being rigged when you try to upload it to SL, that's what I'm having. What's really strange is, I have a single rig that worked. The required 21 bones are all there (Plus toe bones and probably a couple more) and properly named. In fact, what I'm using is literally the straight up SL skeleton. No new bones, no deleted old ones. A few are rotated to be more T-Pose friendly, but this shouldn't matter as like I said, I've had one function rig using the exact same skeleton I'm using now, it's only a different mesh itself - which is and Editable Poly. The functional mesh worked great, except if I ever trying to split the polygons up at all (As in made a given part a differnt Polygon), then tried to test upload it again, SL would lose the weights. Then if I attached the split polygons back into one piece, it would work again. Obviously, that doesn't make any sense. If there have been any breakthroughs relating to this bug that I am unaware of, please do post it here, I'm thoroughly confused. Once more, there is no way it's the skeleton, as the exact same skeleton worked befor, and still does on one specific model.
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