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  1. 14 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Buying extra tier would only matter if the person had previously been budgeting monthly for membership.  Otherwise, there's no EXTRA money per month to spend.

    Agreed.  I hope LL has data scientists on their team (what a cool job that would be) who will track spending trends of LTMs vs Ongoing Paid Memberships vs Unpaid memberships.  Who spends more time? Who spends more money? Who has the most transactions? Who generates the most revenue for LL? The questions are endless and the data is there.  If only they would share (they won't - I wouldn't).  

  2. I find myself agreeing with both of you:

    @Gabriele Graves is right. Hopefully, people who could make the decision to spend $1749 quickly enjoy to take advantage of the offer, have enough resources to increase their tier (or whatever other purchases they choose to make) without worry.  I don't have any interest in knowing anyone's personal business - but let us hope the SL lifetime membership fee is but a fraction of the liquid assets available to those who took advantage of the offer.

    @Qie Niangao is also correct -  my LTM (Premium for $749, not Premium Plus) did replace my annual membership. The cost was part of planned discretionary spending - I just used it for SL instead of spending it on something else. However, I would not be surprised if my spending in SL increases as I now feel more invested in the platform; not because I've freed up funds. But - that's just me :)

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Gabriele Graves said:

    That doesn't stack up.  Nobody is saving any money until at least after 7.5 years.  They've paid 7.5 years worth upfront and that cost is only partially reclaimed for each year that passes.  It's the opposite of savings until then.

    For folks who don't miss that kind of upfront cost once it's paid, upping their tier wouldn't really be an issue at any time regardless of Lifetime.

    I think this is a fair statement.

  4. On 7/9/2023 at 1:25 AM, Eddy Vortex said:

    You know paid accounts can access 90 days of Linden dollar transaction history, right?

    If you upgraded your account to Lifetime Premium, it's reduced to 30 days. What gives?

    Here ye, here ye - this matter has been resolved ...at least it has been resolved on my account. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    I know you "atted" Sid, but I first brought up the SecondLifetime badge because I saw it mentioned in the most recent Official Viewer release notes.

    I was taking the opportunity to give Sid a mildly hard time for no good reason - I'm the youngest of 4 so it's in my nature (ha!) ... But, I also wanted to know more about the badge. I'll go check out those notes.  Thanks!

    Update - Geeeesh - there's nothing to read. Just this...

    • SL-19924 Add Second Lifetime badges to Profiles

    I was hoping for a screenshot to get a look at the badge.  As someone who writes release notes - I'm rolling my eyes here. 

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  6. @Sid Nagy - what's this I hear about a Secondlifetime badge? Is this a previously unadvertised 'perk'? Weren't there some who believed LL would not enhance LTM benefits? "Why would they" - was the question, if I recall correctly. 

     (Yes - calling a badge a benefit or a perk is a stretch - but I'm making a point here.)

  7. 2 hours ago, JJ Hoobinoo said:

    IMHO it was more of a "survey" to see who would bet with RL money that SL would still be here in 8 years rather than a money-making cash grab for today's dollars. And I think, in the words of that great game show, "Survey Says...most people wouldn't bet on it."  


    You could be right, but that seems like a pretty ineffective way to execute a survey.  I imagine a traditional survey would cost less and yield better insights.  Because it seems to me inaccurate to suggest the only people who could or would purchase LTMs are those who believe in SL's continued existence. 

    What about those who believe in SL but don't have the funds needed, without notice for planning?  And, what about those who believe in SL but  don't think they will be around to enjoy it themselves 8 years down the road?  Also, on this very thread, a few have indicated they'd only be interested in an LTM at the Premium Plus level - they don't sound like people who wouldn't bet on SL to me. 

    I don't pretend to know why the LTMs haven't sold out - but there are too many factors involved in the decision to convert for me to agree with your "most people wouldn't bet on it" conclusion.  If SL users were surveyed - I would bet (guess) over 50% would believe SL will be around in 8 years.   

    I do, however, agree that the LTM offer could have sold out by now with enhanced benefits.  I wonder how long they'll continue to make the option available if it doesn't sell out. Hmm 🤔 

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  8. On 7/9/2023 at 1:25 AM, Eddy Vortex said:

    If you upgraded your account to Lifetime Premium, it's reduced to 30 days. What gives?

    Did you ever submit a ticket?  If so, was it resolved?  They're continuing to work on my account - maybe it's a bigger challenge than I thought it would be.  

    Accessing 90 days of account data is actually the Premium feature I use most - one year would be even better! (I may submit that as a nice little bonus for LTMs).  I'm kinda missing not having this feature right now 🫤 - but I know they're working on it because communications have been pretty good. 

  9. On 7/8/2023 at 11:29 PM, Nukasa22 said:

    There is usually a huge difference between roadside mainland (in which I'm including anything bordering protected land) and the rest of mainland. When you move along streets you will see that many people who are building on roadside land are aware that they're connected to the continent and build in that way. You will have a lot of cute houses with a driveway to the street etc. Whereas on parcels without a direct border with protected land you will more likely run into ground skyboxes and abandoned land. There is just not a lot demand for unprotected land in the middle of nowhere, and there exists way too much of that. But that's why you can't generalize Mainland.

    I can only speak to my experience in Mainland - which is admittedly limited to the occasional drive down route whatever and review of auction land available.  But, the areas I've encountered have largely been visually unappealing for the reasons I mentioned.  Even if the structures just along the roadways are nice (which is not a usually the case in areas I've visited), there are buildings in plain sight just behind the nicer structures that throw off the aesthetic, IMO.

    The same is true with homes on the water.  It's not unusual to see a home with a shoreline behind a home with another shoreline - or to see homes with docked boats that have no apparent waterway access because there are houseboats or something blocking what appears to be (but isn't) the ocean. So, I stand by my assessment of Mainland - though, I imagine there are some stretches that are really nice (where are they - I'd love to visit).

    I can't say giving LTMs additional allotment of land will aid in making this better - many of the structures I find off-putting could be owned by LTMs. But the previous poster seemed to suggest barren portions of mainland might at least be utilized if the allotments were increased.  I agree with her and, as I think about it, I believe a lot of barren land is worse than poorly designed parcels. With that - LL - you have my approval to increase LTM land allotments tenfold....make it so! 

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  10. 40 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Thanks, it might have been worth a try. I'm sure they'll fix it, on a per-account basis if necessary. There's an error message:

    that appears when I use the "Change Membership" link on the dashboard, which actually produces a page with the fun URL "https://accounts.secondlife.com/change_membership/?error=already_fancy"

    It's possible it works for me because they maybe did some manual intervention to preserve my ancient L$500/wk stipend (which happened automatically for me). Just speculating at this point, though.

    Ahh - okay.  LL contacted me today and are reviewing. 

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:


    Attention always goes to new people that can be lured in IMHO.

    The new customers get 6 months 50% discount or a discount on their new phone when they take a phone contract.
    Never existing customers. And certainly not those that have payed long term upfront.
    There has to be something in it for the company to give discounts or extras.

    So ... you aren't disagreeing with my responses to your question of why LL might increase benefits for LTM. Yay me!! And I'm not disagreeing with your new point about giving attention to new customers.  Yay you!!  Can it really be, or is it too much to hope, we are both right?!?!?!   


    6 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:

    So no worries about ... eh... that.  🤭

    I was prepared to bask in our meeting of the minds, then you did this..... smh 

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  12. 12 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    You know paid accounts can access 90 days of Linden dollar transaction history, right?

    If you upgraded your account to Lifetime Premium, it's reduced to 30 days. What gives?

    The same thing happened to me - I submitted a ticket yesterday and I'm confident this will be resolved soon.  

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  13. 1 hour ago, Sid Nagy said:

    Why would they? 
    LTMs will go nowhere anymore. They handed over the cash.
    They will stay no matter what, to get the most out of their money.

    I'm pleased with my purchase without any additional benefits; let me be clear about that.  But, it's not out of the realm of possibility that SL would in future modify the LTM program by expanding the benefits in some way and extending those benefits to existing members.  Why, you ask? Well, off the top of my head...

    • To increase revenue: maybe they use some data driven rational that says LTMs spend more under X scenario - let's increase benefits that lead to X scenario more frequently
    • To improve customer retention:  I spent $749 - that's not enough to purchase my soul.  If I'm not happy in SL - I'll stop coming to SL and that will cost LL some revenue, because I still spend a bit - it's actually a budget line item for me
    • Positive word of mouth:  LTMs can be great ambassadors for SL. If new benefits are offered and I'm increasingly happy with the program, I'll tell my circle of friends - who may become more interested in paid memberships as a result. 

    Ugh - 6 "that" uses - for crying out loud.... I'm getting worse!

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  14. 14 hours ago, Gabriele Graves said:

    I have to say I was disappointed with the offer.  20 years ago the Charter accounts were offered 4096 tier free for their money.  These offers didn't feel like progress to me considering how much Mainland we are always hearing about going to waste.

    A fair assessment. Kudos to anyone who has found a mainland parcel and turned it into their own slice of paradise. Most of what I see these days are barren wastelands peppered with neon signs and helicopter pads....and asethetically disturbing, terminally vacant structures. I can't say I'd be excited to claim 4096 sqm of that even if it were included in LTMs. But.... I'd like the option.

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  15. 21 hours ago, Fauve Aeon said:

    Maybe I’ll do it.

    Any decision yet?  I'm on the edge of my seat!

    15 hours ago, Island Granville said:

    Island uncrosses toes. Can dance again.

    Are these crossed toes, by any chance, on the same foot?  That would be quite a ... talent?

    I happened to notice Premium LTMs are still available for request.  Doesn't the offer expire on July 11?  

  16. 5 hours ago, AzureWaves said:

    They should provide this "plus booster" even more if the group is a handful. That means only a handful of people believe in/and support SL's future. They're VIPs - treat them like it.

    I like the plus booster concept.

    But, I can't agree that only a handful of people believe in/and support SL's future. While purchasing a lifetime membership implies such support, NOT purchasing a lifetime membership does not mean there is a lack of support.

    There are many factors that would prevent someone from purchasing a lifetime membership even if they are an SL enthusiast: lack of disposable income sufficient to cover the cost, lack of awareness of this offer, no desire to downgrade to Premium, full enjoyment of SL without any membership, I could probably go on. 

    As to LTMs being treated like VIPs.....yes please!!!

    (Ugh...I used the word "that" twice...I'm trying to ween myself off of it's usage)

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  17. 2 hours ago, Sam1 Bellisserian said:

    You mean that as of today the 200 premium accounts were not sold out. That is not good news

    It is surprising, But it may be as much about the cost as it is interest. A lot of people enjoy premium or premium plus memberships but pay monthly to avoid spend a lump sum, don't they?. This is a bigger lump ... some may have wanted to make the purchase, but without advance notice, could not. 

    I'm certainly grateful there wasn't a mad dash for premium as there was for PP, or I would have missed out. 

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