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  1. why doesnt anyone understand his question?"where is your birth place" is a second life security question.question that you answer when you make your account.are you all incapable or what?
  2. i was actually interested in water reflection.how is it made and Penny ty for your answer but all pages that i read either on sl community or blogs were explaining how they can cause lag or how it was a firestorm project dropped cus of lag.i just googled "second life mirrors" and lag was the major argument on most pages.
  3. Can anyone explain how water in second life can reflect objects while mirrors are impossible to be made without huge lag?how does water function when it comes to reflecting?
  4. I've noticed on certain sims that you could not pass a part of them without group membership.How can I divide my sim like that so it will have those red lines,like ban lines to make sure nobody will pass without my invitation?
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