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  1. I have always had a very slender female avi - B-cup, narrow hips, small butt, thigh gap -- I can't seem to find a mesh skin and shape that doesn't;t have a bigger butt and breasts than I want. Any sugeestions?
  2. I am hoping to find another viewer that can be installed withotu admin privieleges but haven;t found one.
  3. I've been using Ukando viewer on my work laptop from a USB drive. It works fine, but it hasn't been updated in a while and can't display mesh avatars propertly. I've tried the instructions in some old forum posts abut running SL Viewer from a USB drive but they dont; seem to work on the later versions. Any thoughts/guidance?
  4. When I try to check out, at the "buy now" button I get a "We were unable to make changes to the current invoice." popul. Then when I return to the product page, I get "There was a problem charging your payement method" even though there are plenty of Lindens in my account.
  5. I am not sure if the peopel who tested it were running RLV, though some of them were not wearing a collar or relay. In any even, the problem is resolved. I put in an Abuse Report and a few days later the problem stopped. Not sure if that was due to action on the abuseee report or because I let the sim owners know I was doing it.
  6. I have subsequenyl determined that the IM block effects even people who aren't wearing an RLV relay. Any idea how someone coudl even do this? This seems to me a violaiotn of Seciotyn 6.2 of the TOS, but I dont; expect Linden to do anything.
  7. Good guess on the usename, but I have not been at the sim in my present collar. My friends who seemed to be blocked there have RLV, so I guess it is possible that somethign atteh sim is blocking them from sending to me. It doesn't affect them when they are elsewhere.
  8. Is it possible to block IMs sent by someone on a parcel to specific people outside the parcel? That seems to be happenign to me. The ban/block doesn't do that, does it? I assume it would have to be soem sort of script.
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