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  1. Hi! It's been a few years I think since I've logged in to Second Life - What are the fun things to do and see? Shopping trends? ANYTHING? I've missed "The Life" a bit Thanks!
  2. I'm going to guess that you don't really want a job, but something that will pay you - since you've listed nothing about yourself, what you're good at, or things you're interested in... Go to a strip club full of other new folks, log into the open tip jars and try your luck. Most actual "jobs" in SL require a bit of experience and require you to be at least two weeks old. There are lots of other ways to make money in SL as well - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Making_money
  3. Thanks! I wasn't able to locate the "Clean-up" menu that the previous tutorial/helper thingy mentioned, but removing "duplicate verticies" let me upload. Its great to know that verticies that are deemed too close will throw an error though. It will help greatly in the future! Thanks again! Your explanation was great!
  4. Thank you for both helping and making me feel inferior in one go! Good on ya Much appreciated.
  5. Hello! I'm hoping I can have a little general help with uploading a rigged mesh (or figuring out what a general error message usually means) Ok, here's the deal.. I'm trying to make a mesh item that attaches to another mesh avatar. The creator has graciously given their customers the blender files so we can make mod items for it. So I made the item on the (animal) avatar mesh and rigged it to the bones provided, then I tried to upload. It wouldn't even show the preview. So, then I deleted all of the items except for my one clothing item, saved the file as a .obj and then imported it onto the SL Avatar Skeleton, rigged it, tested the bone posing and attempted to upload it. It gives me the following error message: 2014-07-08T16:12:33Z WARNING: LLMeshUploadThread::onCompleted: Fee request failed. Not in expected 'upload' state. 2014-07-08T16:12:33Z WARNING: log_upload_error: Error in stage: fee, Reason: (Http_200) 2014-07-08T16:12:33Z WARNING: log_upload_error: error: {'error':'INVALID_ASSET_MULTIPLE','errors':[{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i549,'Vertex0':[r0.047108,r-0.118086,r0.162833],'Vertex1':[r0.039273,r-0.118086,r0.165961],'Vertex2':[r-0.049237,r-0.118086,r0.165137],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i550,'Vertex0':[r0.047108,r-0.118086,r0.162833],'Vertex1':[r-0.049237,r-0.118086,r0.165137],'Vertex2':[r-0.057050,r-0.118086,r0.162673],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i552,'Vertex0':[r0.055249,r-0.118086,r0.159583],'Vertex1':[r-0.057050,r-0.118086,r0.162673],'Vertex2':[r-0.064870,r-0.118086,r0.160208],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i650,'Vertex0':[r-0.066495,r-0.118795,r-0.160483],'Vertex1':[r0.054898,r-0.118086,r-0.162428],'Vertex2':[r0.062718,r-0.118086,r-0.159964],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i651,'Vertex0':[r-0.066495,r-0.118795,r-0.160483],'Vertex1':[r-0.058484,r-0.118711,r-0.162886],'Vertex2':[r0.054898,r-0.118086,r-0.162428],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i652,'Vertex0':[r-0.058484,r-0.118711,r-0.162886],'Vertex1':[r0.047078,r-0.118086,r-0.164893],'Vertex2':[r0.054898,r-0.118086,r-0.162428],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i653,'Vertex0':[r-0.058484,r-0.118711,r-0.162886],'Vertex1':[r-0.050458,r-0.118620,r-0.165290],'Vertex2':[r0.047078,r-0.118086,r-0.164893],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i654,'Vertex0':[r-0.050458,r-0.118620,r-0.165290],'Vertex1':[r0.039265,r-0.118086,r-0.167365],'Vertex2':[r0.047078,r-0.118086,r-0.164893],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i655,'Vertex0':[r-0.050458,r-0.118620,r-0.165290],'Vertex1':[r-0.042424,r-0.118528,r-0.167685],'Vertex2':[r0.039265,r-0.118086,r-0.167365],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i690,'Vertex0':[r0.023312,r-0.118086,r-0.170661],'Vertex1':[r0.015187,r-0.118086,r-0.171492],'Vertex2':[r0.007038,r-0.118093,r-0.172332],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'},{'BlockName':'physics_mesh','Context':'validateDecompressedPhysicsMeshData','ErrorCode':i21,'FaceIndex':i0,'MeshIndex':i0,'TriangleIndex':i691,'Vertex0':[r0.031445,r-0.118086,r-0.169829],'Vertex1':[r0.023312,r-0.118086,r-0.170661],'Vertex2':[r0.007038,r-0.118093,r-0.172332],'message':'MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES'}],'identifier':'Upload_InvalidAsset','message':'Multiple errors while validating asset.'} 2014-07-08T16:12:33Z WARNING: log_upload_error: mesh upload failed, stage 'fee', error 'INVALID_ASSET_MULTIPLE', message 'Multiple errors while validating asset.', id 'Upload_InvalidAsset' I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that 'INVALID_ASSET_MULTIPLE MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLESare the major issues here, but i have no idea what they really mean or how to fix them. Can anyone point me in the general direction of a solution? I apologize if I'm simply making a "noob mistake' or if this question has been answered elsewhere. I wasn't able to find one that I really understood, so I figured I would ask. Thank you in advance.
  6. Its unfortunate that only people who appear to have never participated (or have any desire to do so) in a Gorean RP have replied to you... It makes for a jaded first impression, but it's very true that Gor has a "freakish" reputation with many members of SL. That said, if you're looking for an emersive RP environment, its a fairly good one - very large with lots of options and roles to try out. Men and Women can both be "slaves", men and women can both be "Free". You play what you like and how you like. The general concept is from the series of books by John Norman, a cyclic writer who imagined a world just like ours on the other side of the sun, that tends to steal people from our current earth. They have technology that is controlled by "Gods" whom have only allowed medical advancements to pass into society. Sickness is rare and no one ages. Medical advancements are the only advancements, however, and everything else is basically out of a Conan adventure. The world is set up into a caste system where everyone has their place and role. There are many places that are very strict to the structure and laws of the books (You'll see 'BTB' a lot in those areas) - and others that loosely play "the general idea" of the books... both are fairly fun to play. You can also observe RP at various locations - simply search an area and pick up an observer tag. The players will ignore you and go about their business and its a good way to see if you might enjoy something like that. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Although I commend you on your level of detail and well thought out "Canadianisms"... I'd like to point out that unless you have written consent from the RCMP, Tim Hortons, RBC and any other "Real World" Canadian franchise or public body - you are breaking the TOS and can actually be charged by the companies themselves for misrepresentation among other things... The area is well done, but unless you're doing a parody/similar location, you're setting yourself up for trouble..
  8. Hi! When I was using Mama Allpa, I did not need to take a pregnancy test to find out if I was pregnant. On the help pages (https://sites.google.com/site/hudmamaallpa/Home/general-help) it says "Since this question is often asked: a pregnancy will not show right after intercourse. You will be aware about your pregnancy at the end of your menstruation cycle, like in Real Life too. Not right after having sex." - it also shows you the different text colors. If the text is green on your hud, you're pregnant. There is also an in-world group you can join to ask more questions specific to the Mama Allpa brand/products. You can also join the Mama Allpa Group for questions, a link to the group is in your HUD under "Help".
  9. You need to download the SL Viewer - Second Life is not a browser application. You can download it here: https://secondlife.com/support/downloads?lang=en-US
  10. Your first step would be to contact the seller of the item and let them know what happened. Lots of vendors are reasonable and if you're polite they can help you to work through the transaction issue. Aside from that, you should contact Second Life support - the "Answer" forum is not watched by Linden Labs Second Life Support and the answers provided are by residents. You can contact support here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-contact-customer-support/ta-p/739385 If all that fails and you STILL want to remove your account, you can. Instructions on cancelling are found here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Accounts-overview/ta-p/700019#Section_.3.1 Good luck!
  11. Is this your first time logging in? You see a white orb if you are not loading properly. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your viewer performance: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-improve-Viewer-performance/ta-p/1316923
  12. Hi! If you're looking to design using Marvelous Designer 2 - most people set up their Marvelous Designer program to work with the avatar mesh in Second Life. Here is some information on how to set it up: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Using-Marvelous-Designer-for-SL/td-p/491633 Otherwise, items made using Marvelous Designer and sold in SL should already be compatible with the SL avatar mesh - therefore you wouldn't really need a different avatar to use their products (and you wouldn't know what they were made in generally...) I hope that helps!
  13. For the record, because it's bothering me... Game [geym] noun, adjective,gam·er, gam·est, verb, gamed, gam·ing. noun an amusement or pastime: children's games. the material or equipment used in playing certain games: a store selling toys and games. a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons whoplay according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators. a single occasion of such an activity, or a definite portion of one: the final game of the season; a rubberof three games at bridge. the number of points required to win a game. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/game?s=t So, technically, by the first definition, Second Life *is* a game. However - many many many many people in Second Life do not consider it a game since it does not adhere to definition 3 - there is no competition, no skill required, no chance, endurance, no quests, no objectives etc etc... People who adhere to this philosophy believe that SL is more of a "virtual social creative experience" or.... something similar. All in all - play Second Life if you choose to - but I wouldn't worry about the money part of it until you get your virtual feet under you. Learn the ropes, then learn how to twist the ropes to squeeze the money out
  14. I started SL in early 2008 after my brother saw it on MTV. I was a big fan of The Sims at the time and he called me to say "If you like the sims, you should try Second Life, it looks like something you'd like!" I made a character, downloaded the viewer and logged in. It logged me into an infohub where I thought everyone looked incredibly cool, but I had no idea what I was doing and couldn't really find any instructions. I flew around (and failed at that), tried to edit myself (and failed at that) and then logged out. It took me about a week or more to log back in again and give it a real shot. And then I was hooked. So yeah, when I started, I was expecting some sort of expanded people simulation. I found that and a lot more. I also immediately wanted money (to make my avatar not look awful) and tried to get a job. At the time I was *gently* told that I was likely too new, "but here's some great freebies"... ... and the rest is history.
  15. Have a look at the knowledgebase article on creating a group - it should help you out http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Creating-managing-moderating-and-disbanding-groups/ta-p/700111
  16. Are they items listed as being in a magic box? If so, this may help you. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/marketplace-inventory-problem-after-migration-to-Direct-Delivery/qaq-p/1556429
  17. Infohubs or safe hubs can be a pretty decent place to meet people. Just land, introduce yourself and see what happens. Sometimes they have a lot of robots, but sometimes they have a lot of interesting people! Its where I go when I'm bored and I like to meet people too!
  18. If you can see Adult items in-world but aren't able to on the marketplace, clear your browser cache and try again. Your settings in-world should reflect your abilities on the marketplace.
  19. Audra

    host not found

    Its likely an issue with your connection - either your router needs to be reset or you have a security feature that's preventing the search from properly loading. Have a look at this thread for more information: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Account/Host-not-found/qaq-p/1138753
  20. Try loading your avatar into another region right from the start. Follow the instructions here:http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss#COMMON_SOLUTIONS to start at a location that is not your home. If your avatar loads correctly but you can't get back to your home, you need to contact Second Life Support directly. If you have a parcel on mainland, you probably have a premium account and can contact them via livesupport - https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/
  21. We'll probably need a bit more information to help you. Does it work for old friends and not new ones? What happens when you try?
  22. Do you have any skills and what do you enjoy doing?
  23. Second Life can mimic Real Life - there are scammers and not so great people, and there are awesome and interesting people. When people first join Second Life and find out they can make money, of course they want to - its natural. However, just like Real Life, the people who will make money are the people with some sort of skill. Fortunately, if you're on the internet you can learn and practice a skill. The first thing you want to do though, is discover what you enjoy doing. Explore Second Life and find out what you like about it - once you find something, explore that further. Everything that people do on Second Life for money, you can learn to do - but no one is going to hand you a fist full of cash on Second Life, just the same as Real Life. Just like Real Life, your success depends on you. Explore. Learn. Create. The possibilities are endless if you choose to apply yourself. You'll get out as much as you put in. Good luck!
  24. Audra

    Host not found

    If you have an IP masker on you may get this message. Turn your IP masker off and reattempt to log in. You can also get this message if you were logged out due to a sim restart, you may need to completely close your Second Life before attempting to log in. Good luck!
  25. As someone said above, they may just not have a "brick and mortar" store in-world. The cost of upkeep of an in-world store can generally outweigh the benefits of having an actual store when things can now be sold directly from inventory to the marketplace. That said, merchants also must update their online listings if they move their in-world store. If there is a specific location that doesn't seem to work, try looking up the owner of the store in-world and see if their profile has any details as to whether they've closed their store or if they have an updated location. Good luck!
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