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  1. Hello . . the question is , i can design very good in blender application , but i can't get my designs to Second life , yes i save it as .doe and okay but when i upload it , it say something wrong , there were no mesh already to upload !! all what i am asking , plz can you give me any video toutrial or descripation about how to save your work and upload it to Second life ? Thank you very much all
  2. hello , i made a sky box on 4000 meter high on the sky , and i can see the cross of people camera watch me from 4000m distance !! 1st question : plz how can i prevent it and have some privacy ? 2nd question : how the hell they can spy and move them cameras for more than the maximum draw distance ( 1024 ) , and move them camera for more than 4000 meter , how they do that ? Thank you :)
  3. Hello everybody :D . . . . i bought to my wife a colar and we you know we having some fun like slave and master so i am new in this collar commands but it's all okay and i got all commands and everything is okay and also i turned the remote feature on my collar . . . but when my wife ( slave ) is not in the same sim with me , i lose control completely on her . . so any help ? thanks *** reply 1*** okay i am sorry i reidited it ( open collar , normal open collar , and i am the owner ) thank you *** reply 2*** she made me owner with full permission on the collar ( normal full open collar ) and it have option called remote option so , i made it on , but when she even become far from me more than 30 M ( chate range ) i loss controll on her , :(
  4. Hello everbody . . i know it's a kinda wierd question but i need it . . :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: i saw people after they sitdown on seperated chairs he took his wife on his legs for example , we are 2 people , me and my wife , we sitdown on seperated chair on a game called paracheesi , or anyother game on sl , after we sitdown and about to start to play , i took my wife above me while i am sit down ( above my legs ) ( some romance :matte-motes-not-entertained: i know there are too many hud but this huds is will rez a pose balls and we have to sit on them , but i need to do it after i set down on the chairs , i hope you understood what i means , thanks :) you are right and thanks for your answer but i saw many people do it in normal chairs or even cheesi or greedy or skippo game table and everywhere
  5. hello . . . . . sorry if disturbed u all but i have a very small question i think it's answer will be yes or no so plz could u tell me is there is any way to use photoshop to make an object file or sculptie ? cuz really i find all programme that makes sculptie is really hard if no . . . . could u plz tell me which programme i should use to make my own sculptie objects ? plz tell me something easy to use . . . i tried the programme that called sculptie painties and i find it's weird i can't make what i want with it . thanks . . again . . and sorry for disturbing . . . . good luck to u all
  6. hello every one sorry for disturbing . . . . i am a land owner so i have admins and officers and managers so i am wondering can i make an object to spacific persone when he click on it , take the a mount of money that i had put e.g >> i am owner and want to make sarah take the money on public because she was the best one of the all mangers so this is her gift so when she click to the object i had created she took her money that i put ?? can any one help me plz urgentlly
  7. thank u so much i appreciate ur help and ur time
  8. hello from a few days i rent a land and every thing go very well but i can't edit my land i can't rez objects iam really didn't have much exprince in lands so could some one help me how to edite my land or build on it or even rez objects thanks so much
  9. Unable to connect to simulator. i know what this mean but iam basic member so i can't ask help in general chat so please help me i dont alot if things in second life i can't start from the begin plz help me
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