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  1. Oh, lord, that is in the area I use to live too. O.O Welp, I guess the old house is gone by this point. Crud.
  2. Oh jesus! I use to live in Santa Rosa. The vineyards! 😭😱
  3. Folks apparently don't remember back in the bad old days of SL, when group numbers were limited to 25 for both basic and premium, buying a sim was a major investment, and lindens flowed like water on the grid. It's the economy, folks. SL is effected by it, just like everything else. Yes, the prices need to increase. It's either increase of the whole of SL folds eventually when they can no longer afford to keep it running. They listen to people complain and moan about how there is lag, and servers are running badly, not enough avatars allowed on sims, why can't you wear more than two pieces of animesh, why....why...why....wha....wah...wahhh. This is how we end up sounding to the folks who run Linden Labs. They can only do so much with the finances they are getting currently and yes, it sucks they have to increase fees. You want to ***** at someone, ***** at the credit card companies who are charging Linden Labs higher fees for them to process our linden orders. You want to ***** about servers not running as well as they should? Yell at the creators who are refusing to optimize their mesh creations because they can't be bothered or don't know how. I get why the limits on the groups and the offline ims. It saves bandwidth and it saves money in the long run. Mind you, I spend a LOT of money on SL for lindens as well as have a premium account. Am I going to renew now? Most likely not. Am I going to stop spending money on SL? Not really. I like to mod too much. Am I going to throw a fit over the fact I can't add new groups once I drop my premium? Nah, not really. Only ones that count for me are already on my account now as it is. Remember that these are PEOPLE on the other side of the screens, just like we are. Would YOU want to be yelled at for things that are kinda out of your control? If you want to blame something, blame the damn economy, not a company that is trying to keep things going the way we have grown accustomed to and has to make sacrifices and changes we don't like very much just to keep our Virtual World running.
  4. Dystopian Grindhouse is a Furry nightclub, human friendly, and we're hiring! Looking for Dancers, DJs, Security, hosts, and Bartenders! Looking for a fun place to hang out for a couple hours a day? Then pop down to the Grindhouse, grab an app and see if you are interested! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dystopia/199/145/23
  5. Join us at The Grindhouse or Listen Live - http://cp1.digistream.info:10644/ Tonight's Dj is none other than DJ Shujin! LIVE Every Monday Night at The Dystopian Grindhouse! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dystopia/199/145/23
  6. Come one, come all to Frisky Fridays with our amazing DJ Talion! That's right! you got that itch you are watching to scratch? Then Fridays at Dystopian Grindhouse is the night to come and get that itch taken care of! Dancers to entertain, DJ playing your favorite tunes! What else could you ask for? Come on down and check it out this Friday and every Friday! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dystopia/199/145/23
  7. First and formost, AO. God, how I hate the duck walk. second, Hair. something a bit better than what they are giving the newbies now. third, Skin. The starter skins still kinda remind me of the ones back in 2007. fourth, Shape. Mainly cuz anyone with a little practice can do their own shape, honestly.
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