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  1. I have that on problem on my macbook pro renta display
  2. Then what's causing same Probably on my Macbook pro renta Because micsoft skydive is not on my Mac
  3. Iam on Mac and I have that same problem I don't think has anything to do with micsoft sky
  4. I had that that problem. Yesterday. But I check my bank nothing was taken out so Iam guessing it's broken or they broke it by trying to fix something
  5. It's not my fault for the misplaced post and Iam mot trying to hijacking other peoples post the post title is misleading and at the time I did not know how to make my own post
  6. iam looking for somone to make this outfit plese and the fishnet sleves i want to be her on Sl all iam looking for is somone who can make the dress
  7. iam looking for somonoe to make this but iam havig no luck with people inworld or in form the thing i want made is the violet dress with the fishnet sleves
  8. i sugest either try another viewer or uninstal and re install it login and see what happens
  9. i want this the violet dress with fishnet sleves
  10. iam looking for somone to make the vioet the dress with finet sleves and plus i dont want to be referd to landmarks and be told look for somthing close to it
  11. i looking for someone who can make the violet dress http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbwb93MAwv1rr4gr5o1_400.jpg
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