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  1. Been searching for a good while now for something like that with various elements of Edo Period Japanese folklore such as yokai (demons), shapeshifting kitsune (fox) and tanuki (raccoon dog), yurei (ghosts), etc. but also is an English speaking RP sim network (since I can only speak a few words here and there of Japanese but cant survive full on conversations without resorting to google translate or my college course notes lmao). I need something to do to relieve built up stress (when I am not working on commissions) from what I have been dealing with in RL for the past few months now. Just st
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and such on how to help me fix my problem. I actually managed to fix it a few days ago but since RL and a recent commission request have been keeping my attention I didnt have a chance to say anything in here about it. So thanks again to everyone! It was a big help and while I admit I was a bit stubborn about even considering it could be a problem with my router since its a brand new router I actually gave in and restarted it after trying to get on SL with a different laptop and had the same problem. After the router was restarted I havent had a problem with
  3. @Whirly Fizzle I never use the Linden Lab viewer because it lacks everything that makes Firestorm amazing and way better than every other viewer I have tried (my personal preference is to avoid the Linden Labs viewer like the plague lol). When the viewer crashes though it freezes me in place to where I can only spin in a circle and then pops up the "you have been disconnected from Second Life. View IM or Quit". Sometimes it freezes my av up to where I can only spin in a circle but takes much longer to close out so I go and just close out the viewer myself. I have also tried logging in on an al
  4. Around the first week of this month I started having horrible crashing fits out of nowhere. Before the crashing fits started I had been using the exact same viewer (Firestorm viewer version since its release but as I said I have been crashing non-stop within 5 minutes of logging in (sometimes within seconds of logging in) since the first week of April. I even tried downloading an older version of Firestorm to see if maybe there was some sort of bug with the more recent one that was suddenly causing me to have crashing fits. Nothing with my laptop has changed so that shouldn't be w
  5. As a gamer I personally like the idea of a vampire system that doesnt require permission for bites. To have to ask permission and even get denied takes away from the whole experience of playing as a vampire but again this is all just from a gamer point of view. Even if I wasnt a gamer though I still wouldnt care about getting bitten against my will in a virtual world lmao to a point SL is no more than a game. Yes there are RL feelings involved and some people even have RL family that play with them or even their RL spouse but thats about the only thing in SL that isnt a game so to go off on a
  6. I will give it a try as soon as I have the time to log in and mess with it again.
  7. Just tried that now and went to save it and now it says there is a syntax error for this ----> llDialog(dk,"Change Tail option,",["lock","unlock"],chan); >w<
  8. Script Testing Box: Your tail is being touched by Rythm A Hart Script Testing Box: Your tail is being touched by Lyric A Hart Script Testing Box: AzorieSoloWolf Resident yanks Sascha Steampunk's tail causing Sascha Steampunk to look back at AzorieSoloWolf Resident with an annoyed look My display name is Rythm A Hart and AzorieSoloWolf's display name is Lyric A Hart. The last part of what the script testing box posted is the part of the script that isn't working like I need it to. It is still saying the legacy names instead of the usernames. I would just post the entire
  9. Didn't work but I modified my original post with the changes you suggested CoffeeDujour. Maybe I am just need to pay to have someone make the script for me >w>;;
  10. So I am trying to update some of my old tail scripts. They are the kind that when you click on the tail it gives you a menu with options like hug, pet, brush, and so on. I had gotten a full perm tail script about 10 years ago and have heavily modified it for my personal use in my tails. What I am having trouble with is getting it to say the display name (the name you can change every 7 days) of both the wearer and the person clicking the options on the tail instead of saying the legacy name (the name you use to login). **EDIT** This is pretty much where im having a hard time.
  11. Lately iv been noticing A LOT of my inventory items have gone missing. I am missing full avatars, clothes, various items like HUDs, typers, and such, and many other things :/ relogging doesnt bring it back. Does anyone else have this problem? and if so is there a way to get the missing items back? Many of the items I lost were things that were only around in world for a limited time like for christmas events and some things were actually bought and very expensive :/
  12. I dont put lindens into sl so there is no forms of payment attached to my account. I always have 0 lindens unless someone gives it to me at the exact moment I buy something. SO. I logged in just a few minutes ago to see that now i have -2 lindens...i was fine wit there being only -1 linden because that happens sometimes but -2?! how do i make it stop??
  13. A friend of mine owned land that she bought through Linden Labs and was sharing it with someone. She no longer wanted that land and was going to find a new land but when she told this to the person who she shared the land with he freaked out and hacked her accounts and changed both the passwords and emails to them. She was lucky enough to get her paid account back but the account her land is under is not her paid account. She has called linden labs numerous times and they do nothing but tell her to file tickets and to be honest the tickets are doing nothing but giving the hacker more time to s
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