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  1. Been searching for a good while now for something like that with various elements of Edo Period Japanese folklore such as yokai (demons), shapeshifting kitsune (fox) and tanuki (raccoon dog), yurei (ghosts), etc. but also is an English speaking RP sim network (since I can only speak a few words here and there of Japanese but cant survive full on conversations without resorting to google translate or my college course notes lmao). I need something to do to relieve built up stress (when I am not working on commissions) from what I have been dealing with in RL for the past few months now. Just standing around in SL doing nothing isnt very helpful lol and I cant just go hang out with people in RL because what I am dealing with in RL requires me to stay within hearing range of my mom at all times. RP is my favorite escape from the stress RL and even on occasion SL can cause me but lately all the RP sims I frequently spend time at have either closed down, are no longer very active (if at all), have gone through so many changes that no one even goes to them anymore, dont have animal avatar friendly RPers (by that I mean the sims are basically segregated. Animals stick with other animals of their own species usually and the humans dont usually interact with the animals unless the animal is someone they know outside of RP. There is more to it than that but this post isnt for that lol), or the RPers there dont know how to actually RP (I can say this because I have spent nearly 20 years RPing and perfecting my RP abilities. Most people who claim to know how to RP either only do one liners, dont know how to separate emotes from spoken words, and worst of all either Para-RP, Multi Para-RP or are Multi-Literate/Novella style RPers and dont take turns when RPing in a group of 3 or more (multi-literate RP is basically various forms of RP ranging from one liners to novella style RP. Novella style RP is basically when you type out a post that is at leat 6 paragraphs or more. Difficult to do without being labeled a god-mod or meta-gamer but honestly its best used when RPing with close friends that you can ask OOC if your character can do something to theirs without anyone getting pissy over it). Because of these problems with the RP sims that I usually spend my time at I no longer even bother to go to them and have even resorted to just RPing with my partner (RP buddy and actual SL partner) through a website called rabb.it so we dont lose previous posts and can watch movies at the same time. I have tried to search for RP sims that are new, active, and have a good theme (by good I mean that both as my own opinion but also good in the sense that its somewhat popular). I wouldnt call myself an otaku but I am very much interested in Japanese culture and Japan in general (not just the anime they produce). If anyone knows of a network of sims that even sounds similar to what I am looking for I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide any info you can on it but please only suggest or provide info on active RP sims (if there even are any that are even a little bit like what I am looking for). I am so sorry for anyone out there who hates having to basically read an entire book just to find out what the forum post is aboout lmao. It is simply in my nature to be as detailed as possible since I am both a writer and a Multi-Literate RPer who most frequently uses Novella style RP to tell a story with my RP posts. I love to write and I am NOT sorry for it lmao
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and such on how to help me fix my problem. I actually managed to fix it a few days ago but since RL and a recent commission request have been keeping my attention I didnt have a chance to say anything in here about it. So thanks again to everyone! It was a big help and while I admit I was a bit stubborn about even considering it could be a problem with my router since its a brand new router I actually gave in and restarted it after trying to get on SL with a different laptop and had the same problem. After the router was restarted I havent had a problem with logging in and staying online. In fact the only time I crashed (actual no warning crash lmao) was last night while I was working on textures in photoshop on my desktop while I had SL open so I could test those textures on avatar dummies lol
  3. @Whirly Fizzle I never use the Linden Lab viewer because it lacks everything that makes Firestorm amazing and way better than every other viewer I have tried (my personal preference is to avoid the Linden Labs viewer like the plague lol). When the viewer crashes though it freezes me in place to where I can only spin in a circle and then pops up the "you have been disconnected from Second Life. View IM or Quit". Sometimes it freezes my av up to where I can only spin in a circle but takes much longer to close out so I go and just close out the viewer myself. I have also tried logging in on an alt and it does the exact same thing as when I am on my main av and yes I crash no matter where I am in SL. Currently as I type this out my partner is on my av trying to clear my cache for me on her gaming laptop to see if maybe that helps at all so when she logs my av out I will try again to get online. @Fritigern Gothly I might try using the Alchemy viewer again one day but for now I think I will avoid it since the last documented archive is from 2017.
  4. Around the first week of this month I started having horrible crashing fits out of nowhere. Before the crashing fits started I had been using the exact same viewer (Firestorm viewer version since its release but as I said I have been crashing non-stop within 5 minutes of logging in (sometimes within seconds of logging in) since the first week of April. I even tried downloading an older version of Firestorm to see if maybe there was some sort of bug with the more recent one that was suddenly causing me to have crashing fits. Nothing with my laptop has changed so that shouldn't be where the source of the problem is. Has anyone else ever had this problem and know of a way to fix it? Also I don't know whether or not this makes a difference but around the time the crashing fits started I had also downloaded the Alchemy viewer because I was having other problems with Firestorm (though I can't remember what exactly those particular issues were). I chose Alchemy since it's the first one listed here (I loved the blur effect it has but it isn't bento compatible so I deleted/uninstalled it and went back to using Firestorm). About a day or so after that is when I started having the crashing fits every single time I logged in. It got to the point where I just deleted/uninstalled Firestorm off my computer and decided to wait for the next update. Today though I figured I would try to install an older version of Firestorm and see if that fixed my problem but it hasn't so now after deleting/uninstalling the older version of Firestorm I am at a loss. I have no idea what to do or try next. I love Second Life and have been active in SL since February 2008. I also have RL friends and family on there that I am unable to interact with in RL because we live in different states. SL is the closest thing to physically interacting with them as I can get and being unable to log in without crashing has started taking a toll on my mental health since its a sort of escape from RL stress that I deal with 24/7 (I am a full-time caretaker for both my grandmother who has Ovarian Cancer, Diabetes, and is Anemic, and my dog who has Diabetes, Anemia, and Cushing's Disease). I have already had a mental break down that has lasted for 2 days from being unable to get away from the stress so any help or suggestions on how I can fix this crashing problem is very much welcomed and appreciated. It is the only social interaction (that is as close to physically spending time with others as I can get) that I have access to anymore since I have to stay within hearing range of my grandmother at all times in case she needs me.
  5. As a gamer I personally like the idea of a vampire system that doesnt require permission for bites. To have to ask permission and even get denied takes away from the whole experience of playing as a vampire but again this is all just from a gamer point of view. Even if I wasnt a gamer though I still wouldnt care about getting bitten against my will in a virtual world lmao to a point SL is no more than a game. Yes there are RL feelings involved and some people even have RL family that play with them or even their RL spouse but thats about the only thing in SL that isnt a game so to go off on a rant about how its wrong that people are biting without permission is laughable. You wouldnt react that way in any other game so whats the point of it in SL? Dont get butt hurt over a game because the only thing that will happen is you will get laughed at, trolled, or possibly both. It is just a game within a game and people need to get over it but what do I know. Im just a gamer lmao
  6. I will give it a try as soon as I have the time to log in and mess with it again.
  7. Just tried that now and went to save it and now it says there is a syntax error for this ----> llDialog(dk,"Change Tail option,",["lock","unlock"],chan); >w<
  8. Script Testing Box: Your tail is being touched by Rythm A Hart Script Testing Box: Your tail is being touched by Lyric A Hart Script Testing Box: AzorieSoloWolf Resident yanks Sascha Steampunk's tail causing Sascha Steampunk to look back at AzorieSoloWolf Resident with an annoyed look My display name is Rythm A Hart and AzorieSoloWolf's display name is Lyric A Hart. The last part of what the script testing box posted is the part of the script that isn't working like I need it to. It is still saying the legacy names instead of the usernames. I would just post the entire script in here but it is a naughty tail script so I don't think it's a good idea to post the entire script on the forums lol. If someone is willing to TP to me in world I can show the entire script there though so corrections can be made.
  9. Didn't work but I modified my original post with the changes you suggested CoffeeDujour. Maybe I am just need to pay to have someone make the script for me >w>;;
  10. So I am trying to update some of my old tail scripts. They are the kind that when you click on the tail it gives you a menu with options like hug, pet, brush, and so on. I had gotten a full perm tail script about 10 years ago and have heavily modified it for my personal use in my tails. What I am having trouble with is getting it to say the display name (the name you can change every 7 days) of both the wearer and the person clicking the options on the tail instead of saying the legacy name (the name you use to login). **EDIT** This is pretty much where im having a hard time. I only copy and pasted a portion of the script since I am sure no one needs or wants to see what all options I have for the script lol. I am also pretty sure that this is the portion that needs to be fixed in order for it to save and work properly so if someone can maybe show/tell me what and how this portion needs to be changed that would be great. string owner; integer lock = FALSE; integer listn; integer rand; integer chan; string toucher; integer listener; key dk; default { attach(key n) { llResetScript(); } on_rez(integer n) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { chan = 100 + (integer)llFrand(20000); owner = (llGetDisplayName(<key id>)); } touch_start(integer total_number) { listener=llListen(chan,"","",""); llOwnerSay("Your tail is being touched by " + llDetectedName(0)); toucher = llDetectedName(0);
  11. Lately iv been noticing A LOT of my inventory items have gone missing. I am missing full avatars, clothes, various items like HUDs, typers, and such, and many other things :/ relogging doesnt bring it back. Does anyone else have this problem? and if so is there a way to get the missing items back? Many of the items I lost were things that were only around in world for a limited time like for christmas events and some things were actually bought and very expensive :/
  12. I dont put lindens into sl so there is no forms of payment attached to my account. I always have 0 lindens unless someone gives it to me at the exact moment I buy something. SO. I logged in just a few minutes ago to see that now i have -2 lindens...i was fine wit there being only -1 linden because that happens sometimes but -2?! how do i make it stop??
  13. A friend of mine owned land that she bought through Linden Labs and was sharing it with someone. She no longer wanted that land and was going to find a new land but when she told this to the person who she shared the land with he freaked out and hacked her accounts and changed both the passwords and emails to them. She was lucky enough to get her paid account back but the account her land is under is not her paid account. She has called linden labs numerous times and they do nothing but tell her to file tickets and to be honest the tickets are doing nothing but giving the hacker more time to screw up her accounts. Nothing helpful is being done about this serious issue and considering how he was able to hack her paid account in the first place who's to say it can't happen again? What happens then? If her money is tampered I have no reason to doubt that she will sue both Linden Labs and the person who stole her account. I have been in SL for a very long time and I see people like this hacker doing horrible things all the time. I have reported people many times for one form of abuse or another and they still remain active in SL ruining things for others and it is my experience that Linden Labs does nothing. SO with that said if anyone has any USEFUL advice or info on how my friend can get her account back that does NOT involve contacting Linden Labs it would be most appreciated. Almost forgot to mention that she did NOT give her login info to him or anyone. It IS possible for people to hack without someone's email, password, username or any other form of info. They are people who work as tech people in RL or have enough tech smarts to build computers and such from the ground up. So again I ask that anyone who has USEFUL info on how my friend can get her account back that does not involve contacting Linden Labs it would be most appreciated.
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