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  1. You know I met this Guy and i still chat with him alot ...He is within his right to warn noobies about what Bloodline Vampires do ...I mean they are alowed to spam bite us ....You know Bloodline players are able to request bite and get souls from peole ....So why is it not right for people to fight back and stop the vamps doing this ...What are we not alowed to hunt them as they hunt us ? If you look real close to his Tag " SL Vampire Hunter" Well I invited him to that group as I feel we should teach noobies that do not want to be part of the Bloodlines game how and what to do to not be part of it. So I will say that each time I been in that Sim him have a great chat and enjoy teaching other in SL and helping to stop the spamvampires. I wonder how the vamps would react if we had a hud that hunt them down and take all there souls from them and spam them like the bad ones do ...Why is there no hunter huds like that? We are not CATTLE !!!!!!!
  2. As one who has a full sim with full rights I have a ? About the land textures . I know you can change them from low to high and set the Elevations for when they kick in works great with Basic shade-rs on love the look . But is there a way to set those same #s when one can not run basic shade-rs ? It seem there the first two boxes are the only one that show up on the land .
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