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  1. Hey UPDATE ! Ok looking to rent a set of grandfather sim or rent then . It can be eather two full sims or a combo of fill/homestead. We been trying to buy a homestead to add to a full sim but cant as we are only the estate Mrg and the owner is nowere to be foind .So we are looking to move so if any one out there is renting a pair of grandfather sim contact me . Thyath
  2. Theresa Tennyson wrote: unit13 wrote: Freebie Galaxy isn't script-enabled, so your verbose OP just proves 1) you're a liar 2) you're mentally ill. I have no clue what you hoped to achieve with this gibberish, but if it seriously brightened up your day...then please, please - top yourself in RL. I'm not kidding either. I once worked with a woman who was, shall we say, very confident in her own knowledge and not so confident in that of others. So much so, in fact, that one day there was a cloudburst and I mentioned it was hailing. She, without looking out the window, said, "No it's not - it's not cold enough" as I was watching hailstones bouncing off a metal roof. Hi, Nanette! OMG that is so true as the parable goes .....they should pull there head out of the cloud TY for your input
  3. unit13 wrote: Freebie Galaxy isn't script-enabled, so your verbose OP just proves 1) you're a liar 2) you're mentally ill. I have no clue what you hoped to achieve with this gibberish, but if it seriously brightened up your day...then please, please - top yourself in RL. I'm not kidding either. Hmmmm I wonder if you really know what you just said ..Or better yet do you know how to read ? As I stated all the facts and that this Grifer as a prim wood doll attached to himself and that he is using a follower and super seeds the no scripts area and to top it off he is using a UUID script that he can put any were on the grid and spam you till you fig out who or what 27 names he uses to block. So this makes me think one thing you are a hater or you are the griefer who I been going after and exposing ....But never less it does not matter as people can see what was written and you short but lil part is nothing but words of ......hmmmmm I sorry I just can't put my finger on it..Oh well But plz go there and and sit and watch your fellow humans get grifed for no reason but for being what they whist to be in SL ( vampire , lycan ) or just some telling the griefer to stop and be nice ....oh but that may be over your head I thing ....
  4. LepreKhaun wrote: If you really want to help newbies you might consider joining NCI ( http://www.nci-sl.info/blog/ ). They are always in need of volunteers and remains one of the most used and popular newbie friendly groups. And if they saw your videos as a helpful resource, they might even help drive traffic to your channel. You know you are very right about that as I have visited that place and see how good the Volunteers work and help people there . I will say that is a top notched ran place . I will deff have to pop in there and buzz around the forums n blogs they have. Ty for your input.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Alternatively, you could watch the official ones from the Firestorm Team... Very true as they are good also I am hoping this one i made will get them going as well but you got to love Firestorm Viewer it is a great one to use TY you the link to share with others
  6. I want to share this Link for all to have and pass it to people who are new or are trying to set up Firestorm Viewer. As we all know it hard to learn SL with out some one helping ya and boy I can't stop doing it. SL is all of our Second Life and a great place to have some wonderful social interaction with great people! http://youtu.be/8tQgISi1QbQ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tQgISi1QbQ
  7. You Have a very good point on that and I will have to take them to the othere places as it is true there are some great places out there . Ty for the input i recived so far
  8. I been dealing with a griefer for the past few months and made a few post in the forms in learning how to stop things they are using I have learned a lot of things on how to block this grifer. I am still trying to block his Group invites . I got to find the person who is sending out the bot group invites. They are using some very ugly words in it. Anyway lets talk about the SIM that this is only happening at. Freebie Galaxy ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ibiza/115/54/16 ) I have a few chats with the owner of the sim and it seem they have given up on stoping this and are not willing to . Now this Griefer I am talking has over 27 ALTS and uses them all to Grief People on this sim as you can see there wood doll on people. Which BTW are some of the people who are banned from that sim. So this is a Ex-Lover who is griefing the sim to seek revenge to the owner of the sim as to grief all who come to this sim. You will get griefed if you look like or have anything to do with vampires ( Bloodline or non bloodlines players ) . Also in my case as it with a few others when you tell the griefer to stop griefing people with his “ Brash Follower” and silly looking wood doll that covers up your avi . I been helping people in learning how to stop this griefer from using one tool that can spam your loc chat ( see other post under my name ) He puts your name on a script and drops it in a box and then drop that box any were on the grid and then you will get spam chat till you fig out or have someone like me teach you how to stop it. Then he move on to using a spam bot to spam you with group invites . I get over 600+ of these a day I try joining the group at 100Ls a pop to see if I could find the bot who is spamming me but no luck and here what it is, **************** (****************) has invited you to join a group. To join this group, you will have to pay a signup fee of L$100. Group: YOU ARE **bleep** !!!: YOU ARE **bleep** !!! YOU ARE RETARD !!! YOU ARE **bleep**ER !!! NOW GO TO HELL, YOU **bleep**ING PIECE OF **bleep** !!!! Now along with me filling god how meany AR so have others done so . And LLs has yet to do anything !!!!!! Plus People who are getting griefed on that along with me have sent NC and PICs to the owner of this sim too. So here what I am thinking, is it not the rule that if you make a sim like Freebie Galaxy you as the owner are to protect the people you invite there and ban people who are giving people a hard time and even when you are given several notice for people asking you for help ???? To me it sounds like this owner has made this sim for the griefer to have there fun harassing people and making there SL time a horror experience in SL. I got there to teach noobies and pass them a link to my youtube Video that teaches FS viewer and a few thing to get them started so they know SL . I know Lls is busy with loads of AR but you would think if they were seeing AR coming out of one sim by the loads they wouls look in to it ,but I guess it gets lost in all other things , And they look torwards the sim owners to help conrtol things on the sims. So to lock the sim down ( No scritps,no rezzing,no pushing.no fly )This owner has done all that . But this griefer uses a Follower that get past all that and uses there spam chat is a script that not on the sim.. Now I come to this forum to see if there is any help for the good people of SL to stop this griefer or to put pressure on the sim owner to PROTECT its visitors ….or the far cry that LLs would do something ( that I doubt will happen) or if there is a way people can get a different message to LLs other then the AR form ( that never seems to work too well )" Thank you,
  9. if you are helping new people to deal with greifers then teach them how to Sit and AR and Block. encouraging newbies into defensive combats by giving them shields weapons locks etc is not a good way physical scripted physics retaliation can get the new person a ban as well. which is the goal of a social griefer. the greifer is on a throwaway account. they don't care if it gets banned. they just make a new account and carry on a regular person. including new people. should not put their main accounts at risk. nor should they be encouraged to do so by people wanting to help them. even if that is not the intention Sit and AR and Block is the way to go scripted defensives and shields etc should only be used when you got lots of experience. is defo not a path that newbies should be encouraged down until they do have lots of inworld experience I Agree with you and you are so right. Yes the best thing is to AR them and HOPE that LLs will ban them . Thank You all for the input in this and it is so good to have this FORUM .
  10. Greetings All OK Got a > is there a script out there that will work in a place were you have no push,no scripts,no rezz , and just no nothing . That will stop a follower at is pushing you . A brash follower is able to run in the areas like that but people need to be able to get that follower off them as there are griefers in sims that use that and I like to know if there is something out there to help people stop that. So if ya got any Ideals or a link plz pass it along and lets help take the power away from griefers.
  11. AHHHH come on people its April Fools days this is not real lol
  12. Very true about what you said as far as it being full perm . Im my list of people I blocked the ones who on the boxesand did not block the maker of the script, as like you said they were just the maker . And yes I did make a new Tread because this I feel is very impotent for people to know as I found several one on this subject about no real fixes or telling any one how to fix its my choose to help other ya should show some support to it.
  13. UPDATE UPDATE !!!!!!!! I found it and fixed it and you need to go to my new post to read it ....PASS THE WORD !!!!!!!!! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Major-UPDATE-ON-Spamming-and-capping-your-IM-chat-LOC-chat-is/td-p/1950351
  14. I made a post just the other day under this link. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Can-t-See-LOC-chat-on-SL-viewer-or-Firestorm/td-p/1948691 OK here what I found out how to stop this . After reading the forums all day n night and loads of sugar I fig it out . This is a spamming object that is not on your avatar or on your land. Blocking a griefer is a way to stop it ..but if you do not know who it is you will have to hunt it. What happens is that your LOC chat screen goes Blank it is one line that says the objects name and maybe a few dot or a line of something . Then a lot of blank lines so that you can not see anything on your screen . This line blinks once and it is gone. So to be able to see your LOC chat you have to go in Away/Unavailable mode and scroll back up to the top of LOC chat and you will see your list of friends showing then, then slowly scroll down and till you see the line of spam. Then rt ck that object [09:12] Second Life: . : A box will open up and you will see the owner of it and were it is in-world. At this point file a AR on that person and get a few things of info in were the object is . If not just go there and screen shot it ( you may have to turn on transparency “CTRL-ALT-T “ to see it) file your AR there on that person. Now when I tracked it down I found 21 boxes with 21 different peoples name on them and looking in the contents I found a few more names and I block them all. The thing is that this person or group set themselves up in land that has full rezz rights and no auto return and at 4000m so they are not noticed. You have to block/mute the owner of the object to stop all this . Here what is crazy I found the maker of the scripts that they are using and they have a store and make custom scripts .My ? Is that why is it ok for pepole to make griefing scripts and sell them to hurt others . We should be able to report them. As it is like making a biological bomb that is meant to hurt people, Why even make a script like that ? OK so in CLOSING if you have a ? on how to stop this find me In world and if you want the list of the name on the boxes I found, just ask me I see it as only helping spread the word who they are so we can get the word out there who to block so it takes power away from them .
  15. Oh here what i have done . 1. Blocked all the ones who been griefing me ( but this guys has loads of alts) 2. Reloaded all my viewers and cleared anything out of my comp that was left there after my uninstall of the viewers 3. Striped to default test and pick a new avi from SL viewer. Call LL to ask for help ( that was a waste of time and even ask him to tell me how much I put in to SL "loads of money" ) 5. Cleared all thing from my land ( As it is always set for group only and no one else ) 6. Turn on the Anti-Spam for the viewers 7. Did all the searching with different tools looking for transparency , shift-ctrl-alt-9 and a few others. 8. Bought a anti crasher 9' tried to see who is sending me the thing that my email stats ( The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life:) nit does not tell me who is sending it only what i pasted here and it comes from SL . 10) turn on my setting for "AWAY" mode ( but I will not be able to get anything from friends or stores ) 11. Took some time away for my comp and wet outside to enjoy the weather ( but now have 312 e-mails and still this problem)
  16. What i posted early is the only thing that comes in the E-mail I have been trying all day to get rid of What ever it is . I can not find anything attached to me . I have nothing on my land as it does not matter were I am. I still can not see loc ..Only if I put my self in "Away" mode I can see what is in LOC chat but that keeps me from getting anything passed or delivery to me. This grifer was tossed off a sim because I reported him to the sim owners . I hate that we can not fight back as it will label me as a griefer then So now I have over 299 E-Mail in my yahoo box and it is still going up ...This is total bull crap LLs will not do anything but tell me to files a AR on them but we all know were it goes .....Oh yes nowhere......... I posted some forum from some other people that have had the same problem and in one i did what they did but it did not stop it . That was to turn on the Anti-Spam for the viewer but it still is going on, I use 5 dif viewers and each one is the same. Days like this is when we wish we could get away with griefing them back but as soon as we do they cry "WAAAA"WAAAAA he did it to me " you know SL is a great place and I am not leaving it is time we fight back and start with LL to get on the case ........OMG IM dreaming again someone slap me. ok IM ranting sorry but if anyone out there can help me plz do so either here or find me in world...I am a nice guy and did nothing wrong ....
  17. I am up too 115 e-mail saying ( The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life: ) I am in unavailable mode in world I have turn on all the anti spammed that are in the viewer but I still can only see things as Unavailable Is there a another place I can file a report on this I do not and will not close this acct down and I can not loss all i have in it. Just because some griefer got his feeling hurt .
  18. ok when I put myself in unavailable I can see LOC chat but I can't not get anything ........OMG why is LLs not willing to help us with this @$%%()#%%)#%)_*#$)_@$@%*%*&%@#$@$%%......ok Im a lil pissed I can show a bank statement on how much money o put in this game it is a avg of 500$ US per month as I have a full sim and this crap happen to us from some low life who only put out griefing on others . Who has not put his hard earned cash in to this place.........
  19. OK ALL i found this Fourm This is just like what I am dealing with word for word http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/I-can-not-get-rid-of-a-chat-Spam/td-p/1823653
  20. valerie Inshan wrote: Tyrath, please have a look at this thread, it might ring a bell for you... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/I-think-i-need-help-I-have-been-greefed-or-spammed/td-p/1942381 I look that over but I look at my land as it is locked down and I did not get anything from anyone I was getting a IM from a person that was sending mt "TP request" ove n over and on my loc chat screen I see this ( .: ) omly once and after that blank. It started at * 18 sl time and is still going as I look in my off lime mail I am getting off line messages that say this ( The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life: )
  21. ok I just open up my Spam mail and OMG i got this " The object 'Second Life' has sent you a message from Second Life:" I cant count all of them..... OMG LLs need to stop these F$%(*&%*@Q^!%*(#%#)*%^#*%^N Griefers WHY is it that we can never get a lil help ....oh yea they only care about money
  22. Theresa Tennyson wrote: There are griefing objects that can do what you're seeing by flooding local chat with blank lines. If this is the problem it will be an object somewhere nearby. Using Firestorm's spam-control tools you should be able to cut down the spam and then you can try and locate the object. You know that just made me think I was getting this person who keep sending me a TP offer over and over and would not stop so I blocked him and then the Blank line started to pop up . I does not matter were I am but what you are saying makes true as it looks like my LOC chat is full . You know when you close you LOC chat down it will fill your screen up with it ...well i see that dark box but not words or chat so it is like there is something there but no words.... Is there a way to stop it or fix it
  23. I am doing a clean install but I have several viewers Sl viewe,r Firestorm, Singularty and more and rewch one shows the same thing working on some screen shots reloading viewers right now ....AND ty for helping me out on this im stumped
  24. Plus (sorry) it not just on SL viewer it is on Firestorm too
  25. I have made no changes to any setting at all ....
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