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  1. When I scroll back up I see your friends that are logged in but when I type it is like a Got a million loc chats lines and drop all the way down so between the first thing you see (friend on line) and to the bottom it is blank. Plus when I log in i get a missed notice stating that my "Ims have been capped " when I look in my e-mail i have no messed messages.
  2. OK Here a new one on me ...... I can't see my loc chat .As in it is blank it blinks a short line when I move the bar up n down. All my pvt IMs are ok i see all of them I cleared cashe, log in to two dif viewers ran a virus scan of my lappy clean there worked on a reload but thinking that's not going to work as it in two viewers. Has anyone came across this one ? And if this is a bug how do i file a report?
  3. UPDATE !!!!!! The sim owner got in touch with me and they explain to me that they been dealing with the same guy and they ask people to take pic of the crazy griefer in action with a name and make sure they follow up with a AR . Granted LLs seem to think we all can just deal with the major griefers easy but not that east but we all still LOVE SL and work are ways around it and learn how to deal with it. I will not stop going there ...but I will do my part in ARing them and taking the silly PICs of them and passing the names on to the owner of the sim and just let them keep banning them as fast as they can ..The griefer will get tire one day or grow up . LOL I want to thank each and every one who wrote in this Forum as it is us all here who enjoy life in SL
  4. I would take them to a store and have them put on a few demo and tell them to look at them and come on who better to dress a man to look hot ..Female know what they want in a man ..Now some of us men do know how to look good this was my first Avi skin and hair I never change it. So just tell them ya are giving them the choice of how to look.
  5. Well From a guys point of view ...Most of us do like to look good and sharp dressed..But it is not easy to find a great skin for guys .There are a few low price one that are nice but if you want a nice skin ya got to spend for it...So what is it guys like in SL ...well we want to look good so that we stand out in a group of people. But no matter what the AVI looks like if they are ..how would you say "not a good person " they will not look good for long . So welcome to the world were you too can turn a male in to a shopping whore lol opps I gave myself away ...Kicks at the dust bunnies......
  6. Sephina Frostbite wrote: When I use firestorm I stay a permacloud. Someone said something about having to download my clothing?? Anyways I am happy with my viewer but the way every one raves about firestorm I wanted to give it a try. If anyone can let me know anything about it Id love to learn and hopefully not be in a cloud state forever. Thanks! Edit: My horribly written paragraph With any viewer you have this problem and you need to understand I found one of the biggest lagger on any viewer is "Basic Shaders" it will all ways be a problem un less you are running a Desktop with a video card that has it own ram or a laptop that has lots or ram ...So weather ya using any viewer try that fix
  7. You know I never put that in to place as your right spring break and they are board LOL Yes I done all the "block/mute the people doing this and derender their toys" as you stated so I will just have to stop going there for now sill school starts again..Thank You for your input .
  8. I made a post this week about a Griefer that was using a follower and found out it is a Brash Follower . You can block/mute them but they still follow you and then when I sit down they them start to crash my viewer..My screen goes black and I have to log out ... I did get a free Anti-Crasher hud and put it on it was stopping them from crashing my viewer for a lil bit and they were griefer other people on this sim. But now they are crashing my viewer again even with the new hud on me.... I sent several AR to LLs and also crash reports on both viewers I use ( Firestorm n SL viewer) The sim owners of this freebie area have not done anything or seen the NC with PICs in them Telling them what is going on. This is a Sim that is were noobies hang out and I like going there to help them learn about SL and teach them a few things to make there SL better. SO I need to know is there any other thing or place I can get help from in dealing with this problem? What do I need to file the AR under to get LL to look at this problem we need help!
  9. Ty you BOTH I got it going and will be making it soon now ...You both gave me some great tools Ya got to just love the forums In here ya can ask anything and get your needs met . Hats off to you M'Ladys ty
  10. I help loads of people that different viewers In SL. Teaching them every thing from prefaces to what all the needed buttons do. Plus how to dress and work closet buttons. What I would like to do is make a YouTube video walking people through it were they can look or just have it playing as they are In-World making the changes. I have all my friends telling me I should be a teacher as it an clear with it all and all the new comers who I helped thank me. So any one out there got a web site or something I can read on how to do this?
  11. ok I got my one for firestorm on and been sending them to firestorm is there one for LL (SL) ?
  12. Well At least ya helped me Fig out what it is he got and is using but War of his kind is a waste of time as he will stop one day just have to take my new noobies to a dif freebie sim ty for your imput
  13. It is like it is atached to him and he is following me around and when I sit it crashes me
  14. I'm I a freebie area helping noobies with outfits and talking about spampires and this guy puts this stupid prim follower that cover my avi and he is with it too. I blocked him and even when he is a cloud he is still there . I can't tell ya who Meany AR I filed on the guy . I relogg changer outfits cleared cashed changed viewers and tried using a shield. But every time I go to that sim poof he right there on my avi with this stupid thing . I sent a NC to the sim owner and nothing is done . I like taking noobie there and helping them but this guys is just a griefer. So is there a way to get this follower thing off me?
  15. I was so bored I read this silly Thread and ...OMG....I'm still BORED
  16. Ahhh TY for that Very(VERY) short response there honerken you must of not read it well or you are a Bloodlines player. Ahhhh either or, I do feel it would been much nicer if you would interject something that would be a benefit to the form. We all have a right to to voice our opinion, but come on put in a lil more effort to it and explain why you feel this way.
  17. You need to realize one thing first There are underage kids passing them self off as adults as a matter fact I just was in a Adult sim on voice and heard a KID so I turned him it for age TOS . We have to protect both adults and kids on this subject. LL general rule as other virtual site is age checks and if they think some one is under age then they will close that person acct down. Ya got to think about all the abuse that happens to kids and the sicko out there who prey on them. Yes it is a pain in the arse to prove who you are as we are adults but I belong to another place and before they would even let me play I had to e-mail my copy of ID to them ....This is set up to protect LL as they do not want a law suit from someone about a kid getting molested on there site ..So pain as it is ya got to just do it and be done with it .I would rather them know that I was a adult and not loose all I got in this game. JUST SAYING
  18. Well BillyJo If I go do that then I might be a AR on me lol ..But it would be fun to do it ...I will do it on my own sim if they did it to me there ...LOL...
  19. Ceka Cianci wrote: the designer of that game wanted us the ones that got bit to look at it as our soul was in limbo and needed to get off their site.. Just saying.People don't buy into the hype was all.. Now this is very true I have to agree to this statement as it is all just a form of hype. And yes as we all travel in to SL to explore things and learn new stuff each day we keep coming back for a few reasons. But as it mat be for each one of us there is one common thread that hold us all together that is we are the person behind the Avi and uses our words and mind set ..Unlike a video game were yea just run a char around working on a mission to reach a goal. I like the simple fact we can do this. As we all know that is so true to be I guess that is why people can get passionate about diff things in SL . If it be falling in love or learning to be social or fending off vampires and even being someone who could not do some real things in RL (as people with disabilities)....So on ward as we trek in to SL we will keep up the good experience and share our thought as it is human nature to do so and enjoy it I do wish to thank each person who so far has read this thread and who has added something to it . Even though we are but a small number of people you got to just think " How would this get answered if the main stream of SL read it " boy we get a lot of post then....
  20. Oh you Know I read about that before and both my Funny and Myself tried looking for that thinking it would be great thing to have just to be able to have a lil fun with them. So plz if yea ever find the wonderful creator again plz pass me the name I would enjoy having a comical story to tell.:matte-motes-oh-rly:
  21. Great words you stated here Czari Zenovka I do encourage my friends and New incoming people to report any and all spamming from they type of people we see around SL. YES there is the "Hunger and another called Prodigy I think" but from talking and reading about those two games you will never know you been bitten un-less your told and you never go on there Off Line database. Kudos to the makers of both of those games. And yes RPing is one of the greatest thing in SL as you can do al types of them ...Check I play several in one day just to have the chance to use creative writing. Like I said before there are some great Coven out there RP as vampires very well and I see also like with any RP sim there is a very tight bond with all its Members/family....But we all will keep play and interacting in SL as we all do and enjoy making new friends .....
  22. Yes I agree RL to first and it is just as easy to turn off the game or walk away from the sim your in. Yes we can just block them but will it ever stop you or I may move on but the game makers is still wanting people to hunt so he can make more money off the noobies lack of knowledge of the game.....But still I put out a change to the maker ...Make a had for us to hunt them and take away things as they do us ..Its only a game them make it far as of right now it is only one sided ..Just saying But still I will not let it harden me to SL as I can just go to a dif sim and enjoy some way cooler things in SL
  23. I have a ? for all out there ...I’m hoping that you can shed some light on this. I Love Sl and having the time to bounce around the wonderful sims. The one thing I see the most of when I pop on a Info,Safe hub, Freebee zone are Vampires. I read the rules of each one of those sims and they state “ No Bites , No Bloodlines , No recruiting for Bloodlines, . Each one has it on there different but still the same meaning to what they want on there Sims. A safe place for people to come to with out getting random bite request all the time. Now mind ya I do like to chat with people and I do find people that are good “ Bloodlines “ players who will ask others “ Do you know about Bloodlines/Vampires “ they will tell you that there coven has strict rules about “spampires” and that you will be booted out of the coven for it. BUT then you got the ones out there who do not care about it. So as I'm standing in a freebee zone writing this I get unwanted bite request form several “Bloodlines “ players. Now my so called soul was in Limbo and I fell in to the money trap of buying the wormwood potion after I lost my So called soul. ( I'm a person who is behind the avatar so I feel I have a soul as my avi is an extension of myself) So wanting my Soul back I fell in to buying the potion (scam from makers of Bloodlines ) . So why are they still hunting in these places ? Most of the “Bloodlines “ players can not pay the high cost of the things they need to stay alive in the game so they hunt noobie and people who are just trying to have a good SL time . Its also very strange that the maker of Bloodlines Lyle Maeterlinck wrote this “The Bloodlines system was designed to spread like a real vampire curse through Second Life. If there were vampires running around trying to bite everyone in real life, surely there would be some people who were upset. I think it has been an interesting social experiment to see how a curse of this kind can successfully spread through a virtual population. I think it's even more interesting if people think of the vampires as "despised", as people might despise a real vampire curse. “ Oh yes We have the right to Opt-Out of the Bloodlines game buy getting a FREE Garlic Necklace and yes you too will still be put in a database you never asked to be put on . Now does that still stop the “Bloodlines “ player from asking you ? YES it does as it will tell them they cant ask ...BUT ….I have friends real close to me that they don't get the pop up but instead they get a IM like this. “ take off that necklace so I can bite you “ So another ? Would you like if someone put your name on a list in RL and you are now marked with something you are not aware of ...your name is out there for spammers or griefers to take a poke at you just because they want to ? So back to the top of this form ….I am asking why is this still going on? Why are there Vampires hanging out in these sims ? We all have the right to free speech and freedom to go were we want n all.....But we also have the right not to be harassed by a game that is only out to make money off us when we wanted nothing to do with it in the first place. In Closing I really feel that all people coming in to SL need a free Garlic Necklace and have the option to take it off to join the”Bloodlines” game when they want. Now I know you vampires out there will say that humans are the prey and should fear us ...ok I will give you that lil bit ...BUT ….does the “Bloodlines” game make it fair for Us Humans to hunt you down and kill you as in most vampire lore does ? I mean How would it be if there were “Vampire Hunters “ in SL that could take all your souls you have earned hunting people down ? I bet you all would cry “foul” But as we all know LL or BL will not let that happen...SO......All we can do is if you are in one of those “NO BITE ZONES” and you get a unwanted request from a “Bloodlines” player send in a AR on them and hope they don’t come back with a alt ...but …..they do anyway heck I know first hand of one telling me they have alts just to spampire hunt and then pass the souls to there org vampire avi. Ok im done lets see what this brings up in here .
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