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  1. I have also been re-experiencing this issue with the lines across images, and it seems to have evolved, its even showing parts of the seam on one side where there is shadow; then the other side of the seam will show shadow settings. Is there any word or plan on this being fixed soon? It's been happening for a while, and a lot of people have rolled back their viewers apparently to fix the issue. Here is what things are looking like.
  2. I have a friend that owns some sims. She has been getting really frustrated as of lately. She hired a landscaper, to do the work on her sims, and had paid him for the services. However, she has now decided not to use his services, and the landscaper seems mad that she is no longer using him. All the landscaper work is still in his name; and he has all permissions. Since he is upset, he has been using alts and others to come on the sim, and destroy the work he did, grieving her. Is there any way Linden Labs can lock these items, seeing proof that she had paid for this work to him, so he can no longer destroy her sims? I don't see it is fair she has to lock up her land (she rents homes here), just to keep this person off her land and destroying it, it's bad for her business. Or is this considered a resident to resident dispute?
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