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  1. Maybe if you explain us a little bit what do you mean by overcharged or at least offer a budget someone could take you request as a serious one. Don't expect such a work for a few lindens.
  2. Sadly, most of those people are not talking in private, just alts trying to cheat the party's prize. It's very disappointed how hard nowadays is to meet nice people to talk o make just friends, seems people in SL are just looking for money or sex.
  3. Sorry Raven1, I have been in SL for 4 years, not a 4 years old boy hehehe...
  4. Hi, I'm Mike and interested to meet new friends who likes to explore, hang out, chat, build, scripting... etc. I'm gay but not interested in lovers or sex. Just Friendship. I've been in SL for 4 yearsm and I'm 29 years old. My timezone is GMT -5.
  5. Nothing happends when I upload my mesh....
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