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  1. Are you also applying the shoe base to your avi? Some shoe bases can wildly change the shape and size of your feet, Even with feet size set to small...
  2. But what happens when everyone switches their Max speed from 1000k to 10000k/s?.. Does the Grid have enough overhead to increase speeds 10x overnight? All that would happen is a few people with it set higher would ruin it for everyone else by taking up 10 user worth of bandwidth while also increasing server loads to keep up with more connection demand. Almost like a leecher in that u dont stick to ur fair share. I doubt theres enough overhead to basically increase the load by 10x on the Grid when ingame the servers can barely keep up if theres more than 20 people in the area anyways... Also, I dont think any LL viewers allow u to set it too high, Only 3rd party viewer have it uncapped or set very high..
  3. Why u need 16GB ram? Going to play many games at once without quiting the other ones? Get 8GB and a bluray drive instead...
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