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  1. I bought Lindens just for it and then I was leaving a dif group, had the CORRECT group selected and it removed me from the one I had just joined that cost 500L. I messaged the group owner and she tried to get a hold of me but we're on completely different time zones. I dont think she ill be online same time as me ever so Im wondering how to get re added or get my Lindens back? This was not me leaving but was some other buggy thing happening. I was only in that group for maybe 2 hours so theres no way I would have left it on purpose. I dont want to keep bugging her anout it but she said she sent me a re-invite and I never got it. Edit: I sent her my details from my transaction history but it doesnt seem she is going to reinvite me or refund me my Lindens. =/ Thanks for the answers though! Good things to know for in the future that I wasnt aware of.
  2. im an anime fan as well and I have basically 1 active friend in Second life. Add me! =D I would like to get into cosplay more for conventions but not sure if im artsy enough. Any advice on anything would be great from anyone!
  3. i did rebuke but ill try clearning my cache. Would be strange if that was it since my computer is clean right now and I havent hardly played since reformat. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Feel free to IM me if you want Rub Karami I only ever had a few friends in SL from other games I played but they all either hardly play now or are awake when I am not. (I moved countries)
  5. It was working fine, I tried reloading everything on my AV and mixing different shoes along with turning things on and off one at a time. I have reloaded my game a few times and used edit to make sure they were in the correct spot. Im using Phoenix Firestorm newest version and have a newly reformatted and upgraded computer. It was fine until I changed outfits yesterday and now I cant get it to hide my feet =( My AV is old but Im still a noobie
  6. good luck! I used to have a sub and a linden home but im too poor now lol Great idea though! It always seems dead in those areas and wish it was more fun
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