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Found 6 results

  1. Jasper County Sheriff's Office in Fox Hollow is Hiring The Jasper County Sheriff's Office is currently hiring a Sheriff's Deputy for the family roleplay community, Fox Hollow. Whether you are experienced or new in law enforcement roleplay, Jasper County Sheriff's Office offers an opportunity for community engagement in a family roleplay community. Our department is active with 13 staff members that includes both Sheriff Deputies and dispatchers. We have jurisdiction over a highly active 19 sim community and are willing to train. These (paid - small linden sum & 10% rental discount on a single rental) positions will allow you to learn more about law enforcement and participate in the community life at Fox Hollow. Please fill out the following application : https://forms.gle/5ZTM3Bv5H3syj2wP8 Jasper County Sheriff's Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxwood/20/63/33 Any questions can be directed to Damon Adler (bullet.hexem), inworld.
  2. Locke Valley is the product of years of role play experience, several years of planning and a lot of interviews with other role players. Our sim is a humans only and set in a modern day, small, rural city in the Silver Valley of Idaho. Most of the town is middle class, blue collar citizens that all know each other because there are a little less than 800 residents total in the city. The city is a little cut off from the rest of the world because I-90 was built past the city without a direct exit to the city... To get on the interstate, you have to go either 7 or 10 miles down the road to the next town in either direction. The nice part of this is that there isn't much through traffic, so the town is mostly fairly peaceful and it is really easy to move here and pretend to be someone other than who you really are. Maybe you are in witness protection from some bizarre court case, or a former mob associate looking for a clean start, or someone who spent time in prison and can't get a start anywhere else... the possibilities are endless. My sincere hope for Locke Valley is that it will grow into much more than just an RP sim... instead growing into an ever evolving role play community that is focused on Quality, Realistic and Inclusive Role Play. We have talked to a lot of role players and tried to eliminate the things they hate and include the things they love about role playing. Let's take a closer look at those 3 words... Quality, Realistic and Inclusive.... Quality... We are a semi-para and paragraph role play sim. We use emotes (/me) and at least fairly good grammar. We follow post order and break into smaller groups with their own post order if the scene gets too big. We don't allow god modding, meta gaming or power gaming. We are respectful of our fellow players and allow them time to post. Likewise, if we are posting, we keep in mind the time so as not to take too long to post. Realistic... As mentioned above, we are a modern day, human only, urban role play city. When building or allowing businesses, they must pass the test of "Does this kind of business make sense in the city of Locke Valley?" Bookstore, Salon, Gun Shop, Gym, etc are all good options for local businesses that make sense. On the flip side, a NYC style night club really doesn't fit with the theme. We have a smaller volunteer fire department because a city this size wouldn't have a full time fire department. We have a County Sheriff's substation because a city this size wouldn't have a city run police station. We also have a Medical Clinic with Urgent Care instead of a large hospital... because the population of the city doesn't support having a huge hospital. Story lines will be period and area correct. Any factions that we have will also need to pass the same test as businesses. Inclusive... One of the biggest issues we heard about from Role Players (and we had also experienced ourselves) is how hard it is to break into RP in a sim... the existing players always have their little group of friends and only RP with those people. We all know of sims like this. In Locke Valley, we are going to work hard to ensure that every new role player that comes to the sim will be welcomed to the sim, invited to join in on going role play and encouraged to build their own story line to share with the group. We encourage every player to pursue story arcs that interest them and to allow those story arcs to blend/intertwine with other people's story arcs to turn this into an ever evolving community of great role play. Another thing that we have done to encourage players to just jump in with feet and get involved is we have mostly eliminated applications and we give everyone that joins the RP group the title ".:LV:, Roleplayer"... we don't have visitors and tourists... we have role players. The sim does not have "safe zones" or "OOC areas" with the single exception of the skybox you land in when you come to the sim. Once you TP to the ground, you are In Character (IC). Thank you for coming to Locke Valley. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in character. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tetrapoli/82/199/22
  3. Pelican Coast Township is a roleplay community based out of Texas within Second life. We currently have a wide variety of home and shop rentals, open for those families looking for somewhere to settle down, but our doors are open to all roleplayers acrossed the grid. We have a wide variety of RP jobs open to the public ranging from being the gas station clerk, a bank teller, maybe your dream was always to join the sheriff department or fight fires!! Please make yourselves at home! Have a look around!! If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the rules, please contact me here or in world: ʟᴇɴᴀ sɪʟᴠᴇʀᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ-ᴛᴀɴɴᴇʀ (lenanachine) Thank you for your interest in Pelican Coast Township! We extend a warm greeting from our team. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelican Coast/62/217/24
  4. Makalu County Sheriff Department Online application or peek at us inworld! We're hiring for: ~ Deputy Sheriff's ~ Detectives ~ CSI/Lab Tech ~ Horses (and people who ride horses) ~ K9's (and handlers) If you have no experience being a deputy or to any of the roles above. Don't worry, full training will be given and uniform can be given to! You must: ~ Dedicate at least 1 hour a week or more ~ Qualify your weapon on our range ~ Mature and professional persona Ask any of us for an app or if you have a question: Ⓛσgαη Ⓦσℓƒ (loganwolf357) - Under Sheriff ℓαяα ѕσfια ωσℓf (sweetheartlara) - Major Kyle Hex (kylehex) - Major
  5. You're just the person we're looking for in Jacques Bay! If you're looking for a young and growing community that actually RPs. That encourages all of it's community to get involved. No cliques...no top jobs for mates, everyone has the opportunity to advance in ranks. If you want to reach your potential and show your skills, then try Jacques Bay Town. We offer a fair promotion policy in our Emergency. Public Services & Management, based on performance and merit. As a young community, we are seeking people across all positions as volunteers and role-players Management We're seeking Real Estate Agents to join our team. Can you multi-task? Are you able to RP? Can you organize yourself? If so we want you! Events Do you love being a host/hostess? How about DJing? Are you great with people and know how to liven up a party or event? Then we're looking for you! 100% tips! We're also seeking specialty session providers...live music, comedy, fortune tellers. We're seeking creative and immersive role-players and talents who can help us shape this young community into something new and unique Minister Jacques Bay Chapel is seeking a full time minister to provide regular church services to our non-denominational church. We've a wonderful young community of RPers who are looking for someone to fill this role for us! Baker Who can RP providing the townsfolk with delicious breads and cakes. Pub Landlord/Barmaids Jacques Bay has a traditional pub, we'd like to be a lively centre of the Town. A place that has it's own personality and adds a layer to the communities personality. Tailor/Dressmaker Love fashion? Want to run a store in town that provides fashion for all ages? Some made to measure? Think of how busy you'll be before an event! This is a RP position in our community. Harbour Master Based in his own office at the harbour. Organizing the ships coming and going. This is a RP position for someone wanting to weave a very prominent role in the community. Mechanic If you have the knowledge to RP as a mechanic, we are looking for you! Contact us today! Doctor The doctor is one of the keystones of keeping a community healthy. They provide services ranging from simple cold & cough remedy to advanced surgeries. This position requires a background in Medical RP, and the ability to manage fast moving and complex emotes. Plus and understanding of Doctor HUDs. Nurse The care providers who ensure that the patient's needs, between operations and consultations with doctors are provided for. They're a welcoming face and a helping hand to the community they take part in. Training available. Police Officer Protecting and serving their community. Exemplary citizens with a law enforcement oriented mind. We will train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can be. Promotion is available to all. Firefighter Whether it’s fighting a car fire, running into a burning building, or putting on an educational seminar, they are here for the community. We will train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can. Promotions available to all If you'd like to find out more or apply for the above roles, contact Pixie Aulder http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KOROBA City/58/93/26
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