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  1. 😆 ok ok i got the tip...my avatar is out of date
  2. Hello everyone! Thank you everyone for your support and tips! I'll check out about new trends and see what I can do to update my avatar. I see a lot is changed in SL. But actually I had a lot of experience in runaway shows, pageants (like Miss Italia SL or Miss SL) and photo shoots. At that time I was doing pretty good and had a name. I was also teaching in a few modeling school, but then I needed to focus on RL and had to stop it. I run a RL blog, maybe could dedicate part of it to SL...
  3. Hi, I was a famous model in SL for 3 years until 2010. I would like to go back to model inworld. If someone is inteesred please contact me. Check out my Flickr:
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