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  1. Alwin, if I really got what I bought we wouldn't be discussing this now.
  2. It was a limited gacha item. But still the seller didn't even attempt to contact me. And say LL did remove the item...still the seller should have contacted me.I tried enough ways. I didn't unpack the item and could have sent it directly back to her so she could see the box did not contain the item I purchased. It has her name on it. And even still, the fact it is limited. So what... you sell something on MP that is limited and if something goes wrong just keep the buyers money. I have made purchases on MP for many years and have had a few issues but they were quickly resolved by the selle
  3. Thank you for your responses. I tried to contact LL but support is down. I will try again later. This person did not relist the item, thank you for that info too. She does have 1000's of listings though. I feel sorry for the next person to get burned. I actually went to the shop she claims to be CEO of inword it is a mesh eyes shop and she is on the vendors. It just bothers me that obviously she has received my messages since she removed the listing. But everyone is right, not all sellers are honest. Sad.
  4. Okay so I purchased an item from MP 12 days ago. Get the item inworld and it's the wrong item. Some cheap posters that are useless to me. So I immediately contact the seller to tell her that there has been a mistake and I did not receive the item I paid for. No response. I send another Notecard and an IM thinking perhaps she missed it a few days later. Still no response. So I figure give her a few days to get back online as RL does happen....nothing So today I check the listing and after only 12 days the listing is not there???? I was able to leave feedback for the listing but when I hit on th
  5. Okay only other one I can think it is Little Bones, called Transmute, group gift Can only try
  6. Looks like Lamb hair. I think it was sold at one of the events
  7. Just sell all and stop spending your hard earned dollars on SL. I resorted to that after lots of land problems. Four months without paying out fees to LL and It feels good!
  8. I realize that just sharing factual news. Wondering why SL has increasingly become so unstable? This initial info sort of clears that up.
  9. Read for yourself, don' forget the comments at the bottom. Very insightful. http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2014/06/is-linden-lab-abandoning-second-life/
  10. Okay thank you everyone for your insight. I've tried removing my hud and it is still happening even in a sparsely textured area. I've checked my connection and it is good as well. Like I said it was never an issue before the updates so I guess I'll just have to ride it out and see if the next update remedies the problem. I will try a full clean re-install of SL viewer. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, since the last update of SecondLife Viewer my textures don't seem to be loading properly? I thought with the new update today it would have fixed that problem but it didn't. I tried the HTTP Get Textures on/off to no avail, also tried clearing my cache still same results.My video card is an Nvidia GEforce GTX 560 and the drivers are up to date. The textures load and when I turn my avi around everthing has disappeared and needs to reload again. It never did this before. Is there a tweak to fix this? I even tried adjusting my draw distance but get the same result. Any suggestions would be
  12. BEE REAL ESTATE Excellent Service and land parcels since 2007 Welcome to BEE Real Estate! Please feel free to browse all the available parcels, teleport there, rez your buildings to see how they fit, click the info boards on land to see all the details about them! Of course, beethros Karas will always be there to set you up and help you with all you need to know about it! The lands are all supported with full permissions, means you can do almost everything, exact
  13. Hello, Thank you for your interest everyone : We have a Skybox Luxury Apartment fully furnished for rent. Kitchen/Dining Area, LivingRoom, Bedroom & Full Bath with Shower and Tub Also balcony with panoramic view. Very nice :) Rent is $250L a week and you get an additional 100 prim for your personal touches. Is on our private land on the mainland, no lag. You'll have access to our relaxation area on the ground as well. Nice peaceful area for your leisure. Come check it out at the following landmark:
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