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  1. It's a glitch. Should be fixed soon, I'm sure!
  2. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Personally I'm puzzled why she put bodyguard in the post title and then described a teacher. They are two different things. Really it would be very difficult for a body guard to do anything that she can't do her self, i.e. block mute ban, without breaking TOS. They would run the risk of being AR'd, unless they were in a combat zone, and even then they'd have to follow the rules. This.
  3. By "can't click", do you mean it's greyed out, or what happens?
  4. If you look up "security orb" in the marketplace, it's a handy little tool that you can customize to allow whom you chose on your land (if you have land rights!). There are a few different brands.
  5. Try reposting, or contact support if that still doesnt fix it. It can be glitchy.
  6. You don't *have* to update, but like the person above me said, they offer the
  7. Give us more info, for starters. What happens when you try to IM?
  8. Dude, making multiple threads won't help. You have to read the answers already given to you.
  9. I'm assuming you are age verified? What viewer are you using? There are settings in some viewers that you have to tweak.
  10. It just occured to me (yes, I'm slow) that you meant "clothes", not "close". I wasn't sure why you wanted them to close your house.
  11. What they said. I'm actually surprised you could even log in on a netbook.
  12. What do you have to offer a possible employer?
  13. Add them to your house? Like, as a part of the roof, or a peice of furniture?
  14. You might want to specify your time zone, since the USA has a few "US time" doesn't narrow it down too much.
  15. It doesn't appear so. But you have the option of buying your own peice of mainland, (or renting from others, etc), where you can pick your location and build and design as you choose
  16. I agree with most of what Freya said, with the exception of the child avi wearing sexual attachments.
  17. You just change it on the left hand side, the "tab" looking thing. It's editable.
  18. Some parcels do not allow voice. My partner and I used to stay connected using an outside chat client to talk (we used gmail chat), so we didn't have to count on SL voice.
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