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  1. And less people in the sims, less basic users, less money moving around, less merchants, less incomes for LL It reminds me the football teams that when are loosing a match they go all in they own half of the field to "defend" the loosing score
  2. No, it is not logic vs emotions, it's a bad business plan versus the ones that make SL an active place. LL counts on creators to make new things and have new people joining and spending money, now they punish the creators without giving something back, moreover taking away something to the "normal" users. If this is not a very bad business plan...
  3. Yep... another idiotic move from LL They are definitely trying, and succeeding, in sinking the boat
  4. That definitely yes, and as soon as possible. As a merchant, I can assure that is quite boring to have to change the set every single time I want to check on today sales. The added filter/buttons/static pages to actually have the automatic filtering would also be quite interesting, even if, for me, it's definitely the rolling back to see today transaction that would be much more useful and urgent
  5. LL definitely could use some good marketing specialist and some good communication guy. They are definitely using the worse possible wording and their promptness in sending wrong signal to the customers should be studied at university, as a case study
  6. If it can help, a sim restart solved the problem
  7. I have the same problem I have made an updater that relies on the llEmail to send a message trom an object A to an object B. Up to a week ago or so it was working perfectly. Object A wherever on the grid was sending a message to object B in my sim. Now it does not work anymore. Anybody else got the same issue and found a way to solve it (without the wear trick)?
  8. And about this thing about opening a jira... What the [censured] is the idea to ask people to open a ticket if this is CLOSED saying that is a duplicate of something else???!!!! This is not only annoying' but very unprofessional, as a ticket is supposed to remain open untill the problem is solved. And as i put the unpaid transactions in a single ticket, definitely it cannot be a duplication of anything.
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