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  1. Another three two years later: still a great tip. I wonder why, in all this time, I never thought of doing this. It is now much more immersive. Thanks for tips, people.
  2. Good point... I read the tos on it and I think this is clearly a case of : You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights. Post, display, or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy;
  3. Last week I have seen the same hacker warning being posted in several groups. People are called upon to spread this message around. This is the text ot the message(I removed the name of the person accused for reasons I will explain below). " a hacker has been discovered here in sl. he has taken over 63 accounts stealing money and other assets. so be on the lookout for this person. -------------. he is able to over ride security and everything. Warning! This is a bad one. Please pass this message out to as many friends and groups as you can. Dont Accept anything from unknown people" In one version it is said that the FBI and Linden Lab were involved. I tend to be sceptic about these messages because some are just hoaxes. Considering that a specific name is given and in one version it is said that the FBI and Linden Lab were involved this made me curious about the source of these messages. I can not find any confirmation of this actually being true. Now it seems to me that naming a person means people need to have some solid proof to back up their claims because they can't just go around accusing other people merely on hearsay. Suppose the person mentioned is totally innocent and just the target of an enemy who uses this way to get back at him or her? And what are we going to do? Are we going to ban this person merely because someone says he or she is a hacker? I hope not. When I asked how the poster knew about this, his answer was that he just posted what was said in another group. He didn't bother to check the source. He figured it was more important to propagate the warning than to check the truth of the matter. In fact he soon got some people backing him up, including the sim owner, with arguments like: 1 In SL different laws apply(the law that a person is innocent until proven guilty is suspended) 2 You don't need to check sources. 3 The end justifies the means. I post this here not quite knowing what to do with it, but perhaps someone can shed a light on this. Or at least ask people not to spread around messages accusing persons without some proof. BTW: the person being accused of being a hacker is an existing account. This is one of the reasons I am posting this here.
  4. Baring your soul to a public internet forum is like sticking your hand in a fishbowl swarming with hungry piranha's. Here is a poem that captures sl for me: Entertainment value Usually, the interest wanes after a single stay... It is different now: You remained another day. At this point I gave my view on life in second life, but I thought better of it and deleted the paragraph. I wish you good luck...it is the only thing I can do.
  5. Ah... Just noticed the same thing.. I can't open notices in groups that i want to consult lateron. So it is time to switch to another viewer... Thanks for asking.. that way I know I am not alone.
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