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  1. When I click on the link, and/or click the button that takes you to the site where you access the settings for the windows for the Linden Home that comes with the Premium account, a message appears that says "Whoops...something has gone terribly wrong...etc." I joined a few days ago as a premium member, and have not been able to change the settings yet. Please help?!! In kindest regards~ ~Starlett Nightfire
  2. For over a week now, others only see me offline and dwarfed, all I see is I'm a cloud. I've done clean installs, reset the cable modem, reboot the modem and pc multiple times, relogged into SL even more. I'm still a cloud, as well as offline and a midget to others. I have done everything I was told to do, down to resetting modem by calling cable company. I'm at a loss. SL says it is connection issue, cable company says it is the server at Second Life. Can Linden Labs reset an avatar and/or account? Please help me to be visible and reachable. My cable company says my connection is all good from their view. I'm a business woman in sl, and this has crippled my work. =((( I need to be available, Thank you.
  3. I'm online, and chatting with a friend. Her IM's suddenly come through email. I had dropped offline, without knowing it. I'm working on a charity event in the fashion community, and need to be reachable asap....can you help me find a way to stop falling offline to all my friends lists, and others! Thanks in advance! I hope you can find this response, I cannot find where/or how to respond to answers. I appreciate your suggestions, most all of them I have done. I have reset the modem, rebooted it, rebooted my pc loads of times, did a clean install of both firestorm and viewer 4, rebooting and relogging after each install. I was logging in better this morning, after the second clean install, and not a cloud, but still going offline randomly, but still there. My stats are great, statistic bar shows FPS round 60-70, Packet Loss = 0.000 % and Ping Sim around 60msec, and doesn't go lower than 45 FPS. With all of this in mind, I'm not sure it is still a connectivity issue. I am in town, so being remote isn't an issue. Tonight, after not being a cloud all day....now I am. Sighs...I can't be reached, everyone says I am offline. Not being able to figure it out is so frustrating!
  4. Earlier today, I posted about this problem, and even wondered if it were a griefer helping to create this problem. I am a cloud, and will not rez, no matter which viewer I use, no matter what versions of them I try. I have take previous advice from here, completely shut down everything, even the modem. Waited about 10 min., then hooked back up, and nothing changed. I went on to my class, and was able to be seen, and heard on voice, but not showing up online. That is so strange, and I really don't know what else to do, that will make it possible to log in rezzing in full. I've uninstalled everything, then rebooted, then went back and downloaded Firestorm and Viewer 2. When logging in, I tried to log in choosing Phoenix over Hybrid or V3....then tried V3....did not try Hybrid. Nothing works anyway. I will show online for a few min., then drop off, while still chatting....and still in world even after it showed me going offline. I need help, if anyone has had this happen....what do I do??
  5. I think my neighbor has done something to create an issue with me being seen as online. First I was a ghost for 3 days. I would test character, rebuild from my saved skins, shapes, etc., but next relog I was a ghost again. Today, I did log back in still put together, but still not receiving messages inworld, and no one see's me as online. Also, he has a big map of the sim (it appears) and my name is in floaty text over a red button with (32) after it. The other 3 corners have text giving the coordinates of the sim, etc. He has been setting off bombs, shooting into my house with lazers, and before my avi got messed up, he dropped into my house on my head! WTH is going on? I have sent multiple tickets in, and hear nothing. Help! Thank you for your input and suggestions...I am in the process of trying them now. As for the abuse from the neighbor over the last week. We did send in abuse reports, especially after he dropped inside the house through the roof, and then we found an item of his weapon inside the house. There is good cause for concern, in our humble opinion. Again, thank you for the suggestions, and I am very hopeful it will resolve this annoying problem!
  6. The notices won't open the attachments, LM or notecards, if I don't get to the notice soon enough. I used to be able to get the attachment from the group profile, Notices tab, when using Phoenix. I'm using Firestorm, and when I go to the group profile to open the notice, it won't show in the box below the list of notices at all. What am I doing wrong?
  7. To those who answered this question, saying you use Firestorm to open the Notice inside the group profile....how? I am using Firestorm, and if I don't get to the notice soon enough, the attachments won't open, Nor can I get the notice to appear in the box below the list of notices in the group profile. What am I doing wrong?
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