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  1. Is there a way to create LM's from SLURL coordinates without visiting the actual place? Like a conversion possess app? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  2. Hi - I just need clarification on a question regarding Homestead Regions - They can ONLY be purchased by Premium Plus members OR those who have Purchased a Full Region - is that correct? So, if someone is only a Premium Member they cannot purchase a Homestead Region from LL, they would need to rent one from a Real Estate company? Is this correct? - Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me. - Drew
  3. Yeah - I listed it as an adult product. Thanks!
  4. If a product has the WORD "*enis" printed on it - should it be listed in the ADULT category or can it be listed as MODERATE?
  5. Not sure I noticed that, but I'm a TG male. SL Pride might be a good place to look for groups and contacts for all things LGBTQ+ Much of what's advertised in SL has to do with sex, BDSM, that kind of stuff. But there's a lot to explore in SL that is not advertised or based on sex and cheap thrills - those more low-key places and groups are the best in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.
  6. By the way Karen - I just logged-in and got this message. So, it seems that OTHERS are also noticing that something is wrong and it's not just me after all. Good Luck Dogpiling on all of them too. **MWAW** PS- https://outpost6sl.wixsite.com/outpost6/post/a-letter-to-karen
  7. Please ... just stop. I apologised to all of you and took down my post and corrected the other one. Find someone else to pick on.
  8. I am SO, SO ,SO Very Sorry I posted something to the wrong thread that you all feel I am actually NOT experiencing. Let's all take a DEEP BREATH and try to go on with our day without being quite so judgy. M'Kay, Karen?
  9. I'm so, SO SORRY I posted this. Nevermind. You can unbunch your panties now.
  10. Gesture - #UNIONSTRONGunionstrong that was it. Jesus - what a night. Thank you everyone one for all your help.
  11. ok - so far all I can figure out is that this is triggered by walking FORWARD - when I stop walking after about 30 seconds my AV stands up straight again. I may have found something a Gesture that begins with a "#" which seems odd - none of the others do - I've deleted it, emptied the trash and now I'll do a restart.
  12. All Release Keys did was render my head invisible
  13. All Gestures have been DEACTIVATED - it's still happening.
  14. Hi - I'm installing another clean version of Firestorm - just did a complete shut down and reboot of my computer - I will let you after I am back in world. I also just put-in a Support Ticket, as I am a Premium Member.
  15. I cleared all my parcels of any objects belonging to anyone but me. Whatever this is it involves the Firestorm Viewer - as it happens to me no matter what region I am on.
  16. This has just happened to me also - I got hit with something that made my av crouch over and unable to walk at all - I tried everything - I had to strip down to my system av ,remove ALL attachments and AOs, revoke ALL permissions, turn off ALL ability to run scripts on my parcel then reset my avatar skeleton - NOTHING WORKED. So next I downloaded the LL SL viewer and installed it (I'm a Firestorm user) - went back in world and I was normal again. Next thing I did was to completely uninstall the Firestorm Viewer - including Registry Keys and ALL associated files - see here for instructions https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_clean_install - then I installed a clean copy - AND IT IS STILL HAPPENING - my av is still deformed when using the Firestorm Viewer. Whatever the hell this is - it is pervasive.
  17. I stop ALL animation and REVOKE ALL PERMISSIONS and the first step I take forward triggers it to start again
  18. It's happening every where - different regions, parcels, etc.
  19. I even REMOVED my Signature Body and reverted to a SYSTEM AV WITH ZERO AOSand it is STILL HAPPENING - I need some help here - this is totally *****ed up - Is there a way to FORCE ALL SCRIPTS OFF MY AV?
  20. No - in fact I have everything DISABLED and REMOVED THE AO AND STOPPED ALL ANIMATIONS AND REVOKED ALL PERMISSIONS and now it is STILL happening - NO AO on at all. What the hell is this????
  21. Hey Peeps - I have a Sinse male 'WIll' AO and a couple times now, for no reason I start "crouching" and cannot stand up or walk normally. The last time it happened I had to completely delete the AO file from inventory and go get a redelivery. - Is this AO simply getting corrupted? TBH I wondered if I'd been hit by a griefer and had something dropped on me. No reply from the store so I'm asking here. Never had this problem before in over 10 years -
  22. Public Service Reminder - NEVER give your Second Life Password out to anyone or any software claiming to be connected to Linden Labs without first verifying directly WITH Linden Labs. This is an age old scam and is how accounts get drained.
  23. An advertisement for this web service just popped-up on Facebook's Second Life Group - I suspect it is a scam to obtain SL account information. Does Linden Labs KNOW anything about this? I have seen no notices of it posted. Hello there 👋 After long time of research, development and negotiations with Linden Lab our famous SmartBots team can proudly introduce the beta version of first-ever 100% web & mobile-friendly Viewer: https://speedlight.me 🙏 SpeedLight is a professional commercial Second Life viewer: 100% browser-based, no downloads required 100% mobile and tablet ready Allows switching between devices without logging out Allows keeping avatar online 24/7 IM history always available (even offline) We've launched just recently, so more functions will be added overtime, such as 3D World View (Yes, you will be able to see SL from a browser!) and much more. Check it out & try it out 😊
  24. 64 here, artist, designer, builder and business owner - keeping very busy. I'm always looking for new exploring, adventure, surfing, diving and sailing peeps to hang out with.I am married but my partner no longer spends much time online with me so I've been feeling a bit lonely. Give me a shout out if you'd like. I'm easy going, 420 friendly and very drama-averse. -Danny (The Mysterious Mechanic) danielwolfsong
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