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  1. I've been a premium member for years, but I don't monitor the forums. I guess this means that those of us who don't have no way of knowing about new advances to our paid memberships? It's been two weeks since the release, and I've yet to see a single in-world notice about a new premium benefit. Perhaps something sent out to premium members would have been in order? But that's just the opinion of one RL customer service rep....<grins> Thanks for the great info here, and I look forward to eventually snagging my own new home!
  2. My servant had a great idea! We RP in a historic Baroque sim, and she seems to be turned on by the thought of my having a valet to please us both. Preferably male, but females will be accepted in certain circumstances. This is strictly for RP, and not a request for a slave. Applicants must know how to act in public, and show a more refined side when in front of others. In private, things can be quite different. We're also not looking for drama, nor are we expecting to fund your Second Life. You should dress for the period, and have at least a little knowledge of how to act...although te
  3. Update: Men step to the front of the line, but women are more than welcome to join us. Please be advised, though. She will expect to be pleased by you, but will not return the favor. That will be for me to decide.
  4. My Servant has a great idea. She seems to think I need a valet to add to our RP fun. We own a home in a Baroque neighborhood, so attire and look are very important, as are manners and knowing how to act in public. When alone, you'd be willing to please/service your Master for the enjoyment of both him and his female Servant. As you can see, I'm very open minded, but she's straight, with no interest in other Ladies joining our household. If interested, IM me in-world as I rarely come to the forums and may not answer your reply in a timely fashion. We're not looking for someone who needs
  5. I'm an amateur landscape photographer in RL, and have been wanting to break into the business in SL. If still interested in your project, IM me in-world, and I will provide a link to my business website where you can see my RL work. Thanks, Alaeric Resident (Luc de Chanevière)
  6. Thanks for the warm welcomes! I think this is a classic example of the old saying "With friends like this, who needs enemies?" LOL...sorry Raven, couldn't resist. and @Kylie: all I can say is O..M..G!!!
  7. It just hit me...the Dead Guy (me) has the word Mortality across the front of his jacket. Ironic?
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