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  1. Sending you a message in SL.
  2. I'll message you once I'm on... trying to login now
  3. I remember the days of hanging out at Help Island Public, new avatars started out there for a while. Went there to meet some new people, talk to residents that have been here for a while, just hanging out to chat like some time ago. Where is it that new avatars are starting out now? Has me very curious
  4. The Sims Online and THERE. Been here a while, and still navigating socially.
  5. Nope. I use Lumiya on my Huawei Mate 9, its not a LL viewer. Third party. I can get online and voice chat and text chat with friends and sit in my chair at the camp fire. Very limited. Not intended to take over for desktop viewer. Just lets you keep in touch while away from computer. And not LL endorsed.
  6. I'm in my 20's, been on SL for a while... I'm gay, was hoping to meet someone interested in a relationship. Feel free to send me an IM in SL... Thanks
  7. Thanks... I just dont want to pay for a SL dating website.
  8. Sending you a message
  9. Hi there, I'm Braxton. I'm hoping to find a boyfriend. I'm in my mid twenties, and would love someone to be with. I'm a computer science student and a graphic artist. I'd love to meet someone kind and caring.
  10. I've had this issue with Mint 18 Cinnamon... I'm a computer science major, I bought a new notebook for class... I enjoy Linux Mint and Ubuntu... I enjoy the regular updates, software updates, amazing peer support options (IRC, forums, etc.), and how it just works... Do an install and most drivers and applications I need are there... I just enjoy the way the OS works and the way so many drivers and applications are packaged in the distributions... Although I must admit that I bought Office 2010 and run it using WINE as I was having issues with a few things I needed for class with Libreoffi
  11. Hi! I'm very active on secondlife, and also have experience in design. I prefer tools / software such as adobe photoshop or illustrator, and also have a lot of experience with indesign. I've also designed multiple websites, utilizing content management systems such as Word Press, as well as more so "standalone" websites using custom PHP scripting. I have experience with programming, although I've done little with linden scripting language (I believe thats what it's called?) although having experience with procedural and object orientated programming, I'd imagine it would be somewhat
  12. Hey all! I'm still hoping to find someone, and I'd love to chat! I have a home we could hang out at to get to know each other, I'd love some decorating tips or help!! A bit more about me... I do have a home in SL, although at the present I just have a few couches in it... I don't have much in yet. I'm still decorating. It's a nice Japanese style home inside the Yosemite National Park sim. I'm in the process of looking for some mainland land as I am looking to start a SL clothing line... so I'm looking to get a 512 square meter parcel that I can use as a little storefro
  13. When I get home this evening I'll be sure to find you in SL... I always love making new friends and I spend most of my free time on secondlife...
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