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  1. I originally made this list from the SL Wikia Site(http://secondlife.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page ), I will edit the table as yall tell of more lindens
  2. Name : Naughty Mole Rez Date : 03/17/2008 Title : Project Manager for LDPW
  3. Here is how you play 1. See if the mole you found is already on a post below 2. Copy the Template in the OP, and fill it out and post ------------------------------------------------------- Begain Template ----------------------------------------------------- Name : Naughty Mole Rez Date : 03/17/2008 Title : Project Manager for LDPW -------------------------------------------------------- End Template ------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Using Measurements of 256x256 The Houses that were to be bought from the Marketplace has the Square Meter size the house takes up, adding a bit around the edges allowed precise planning and measurements to be made
  5. Seeing how most have a fastination with the mysterious lindens who sometimes are always around, while some are never to be found, below is a list of all lindens who i could find, nice and neat...unlike my house, but this can tell you who does what in the World Of Linden Name Position First Seen Still Active? Andrew Linden Developer Linden 06/04/2002 Yeah Ben Linden Blogger, Content Creator ? No? Blue Linden Teen Grid Community Manager
  6. We never said only American Charities, i said that "similar to how the scifi expo donates proceeds...."
  7. Similar to how the Scifi Expo donates proceeds to Cancer Charities, having non-profits be able to get money for renting/selling/overseeing land could help linden labs, as they have to much to handle apparently
  8. Each of those empty squares is a whole lot, with a house in it along with the yard(((i posted this topic on my alt))
  9. Through the 3 years i have been in second life, something has always been recurring whenever i am on the mainland, its abandoned, seemingly most of it is abandoned and left to Governor Linden and the maintenance group. Looking at statistics from GridSurvey, the amount of abandoned land on the mainland has gone up In July 2014, Abandoned Mainland made up 13.4 to 14.2% of total mainland In Jan 2017, Abandoned Mainland made up 20.7 to 21.4% of total mainland On Average in 2018, ~45,000 Residents are online out of the 54 Million Accounts I say that Linden Labs takes
  10. 1. Cloudflare is not a new service, it has been around since 2009 2. If you want to learn about how the SL Servers work and how they are connected to, try some of these links http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_architecture http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Circuit You can also look at some of the OpenSimulator Configurations, at https://opensimulator.org
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