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  1. Thank you for responding! It means a lot! Can't wait!
  2. Anyone have any idea when portal park Halloween tour portal opens back up? I went to it last year and it was amazing and I wanna show some friends of mine how great it was
  3. Hiya! So I recently purchased L$'s and when I went to check my bank I had found 2 transactions from Second life, I charged 20$ so the total was $20.30 for one transaction, but then there was a single 1$ transaction from them that I did not charge, I've checked inworld transaction history to check and see if maybe I accidently bought something using credit card payment method, but I did not. This is the second time this has happened, the first time I figured I'd ignore it, but I think it's 2 times, I should bring it to someone's attention o.o
  4. I've encountered a few people with names of pretty large time companies in their name, and was wondering is it okay for them to have those names? The companies are obviously registered trademarked.
  5. I'm not 100% sure but this may be some plan on LL part to end chat logging, again I say "NOT SURE", But it sounds like a problem with your viewer not allowing you to copy and paste, so it may be some new thing LL is trying with residents.
  6. My friend keeps receiving this message when he tries to log in, after a short time now it says his password or username is incorrect, it doesn't seem like a bann, also he hasn't gotten any emails from LL, anyone know whats up?
  7. I'm not sure my problem has to do with cache, but its a good guess. When I get to the "Downloading clothing" it will finish, and all the functions go away, then my viewer goes to not responding for about a minute or two, timing out the viewer, then I get disconnected, I've been ignoring it and just trying until I get it, but now its getting frustrating. I am on Firestorm viewer by the way.
  8. Plenty of ways! A good way to start off for new people is Earn 2 life Search it in search, they pay you to visit places, But if you want something a little more profiting, you could always try to get a job from a bussiness. Second life is a lot like Real life when it comes to earning money. Jobs are usually best way, but require a lot of dedication.
  9. I can't see Mesh when is worn, but when it is Rezzed I can see it... Anyone know whats up? I am on Phoenix by the way.
  10. Hello! 1st if you wish to rent a skybox instead I recommend just searching skybox in search tp to a place, look around for the perfect one, and rent what yah like... 2nd: Prims are usually listed on the right side bar on marketplace near the "Add to cart", and "Buy" Button... If there is no listing you can always check it in world buy clicking edit and at the top of screen you will see Primitive's and whatever number is next to it is how many prims it is.
  11. LL Has started a new thing where they give EVERYONE except their employees of course the last name "Resident" so for future account creations to anyone your last name will be Resident.
  12. Mk go to secondlife.com login... and when your on dashboard click account on the side bar Then click cancel account and the rest is self explainable BUT keep in mind... Reactivation of any cancelled account, including free basic accounts, will cost a one-time fee of USD 9.95
  13. Ok I need you to make VERY VERY VERY sure you have media enabled within your prefrences... Prefrence > Audio > Enable media If that dosnt work it is most likely your mac book dosnt support it... Sadly. Because if you have it all turned on it should be working...
  14. > Secondlife.com > Login > Dashboard > account > Cancel account Keep in mind that... Reactivation of any cancelled account, including free basic accounts, will cost a one-time fee of USD 9.95
  15. Hello... First you want to hit help on your viewer THen click report... Be as descriptive as you can and once you file the report you will receive a email withing the next couple hours with details and information...
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