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  1. Hi, i am over 18,i can go anywhere,i was wondering why in search i look general maturity. And some people look like this: I wonder why they are adult, and me general.Like i look general and walk in adult place.
  2. Urzul

    couple dance ball

    ok ,been looking in market, cant find anything simple. couple dance ball. No hud, touch the dance machine,it rez 2 ball close to you. 5 slow,5 sexy,5 dance will be very nice. not going to add any dance it it. under 2000L$ i will buy it,thank you. and copy,never know sometime object disapear..
  3. minecraft,cube. how to build in sl,prim,the default shape,script,inworld. option,buy fullperm sculpt,mesh,inworld. learn how to make those using other program,offworld.upload. animation,sound,texture are made offworld.upload. Many player dont build at all and play whit what people build and explore. I am not the older player,but sculpt and mesh was here before me ,and i still build and learn many thing. In time i may learn to make mesh,and if i have never came in sl,no clue of what was a mesh or script. then it nice place to learn.
  4. when something is annoying,that can get frustrated,so this post is all about, me, i was exploring,and poof! back home,Arrrrrrrr. but it people right not to lets other pass. Cant do nothing about it, I must be too curious.
  5. I take a picture,and choose to inventory,it clic again and lost the timing of my picture. and ,how to copy object in my inventory ,that keep making link.
  6. a tu esseyer de faire clean cash, dans preferance. est ce que tu partage ton account.
  7. i didn't read all the post, but,for me it for fun,i like to walk in my build even prim like, it better then minecraft,cube. I start making mesh but not very good.i have look many tutorial,still lot to learn. I build something with only prime right now ,and it nice to me.break of broking my head whit leaning. Lets have fun.
  8. Use mesh or sculpt,prim then you can make a ghost.dont use the default shape,whit a total alpha.
  9. Mabie we are better to look all the same ,on a flat world whit nothing to see .or you might let people imagine something you CANT....
  10. I like my avatar i wont chang it for you
  11. I only wonder why people are so. in hurry to judge even in a virtual world ,i might be older than you. we not all in second life to look pretty ,or perfect. you dont want to fly if you can have wing,but dont give me **bleep**. I made it my self ,i like to see it move,i can turn invisible if you cant have respect for other people.
  12. default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llPlaySound("Insect speek",1.0); } } you dont need to llgetinventory...
  13. i been ejected from my lands by an orb from a neighbor,must be over ranged. it kind of annoying.
  14. they are afraid we can see they are **bleep**ing whit many device .i presume !
  15. 25 + 3 = 128 ........ if i put prim to convex hole,there no more hole... so cant use prim whit mesh even after this upgrade...so usefull build only whit mesh,or only whit prim ...or make many link as old time. anyway prim are getting is in extinction.
  16. it a plante...more it big more it take space(lands impact)....it a jocke or what. pls explain to me. i see structure big as house and they use 3 prim ,i am lost need some help to understand. sorry kind of weird for me. upload at 0.250 use 2.34/upload at 1.000 use 7.54
  17. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//178/32/13
  18. someone answer me,have to pay in linden or paypal,that does not afect you lands use fees.
  19. Ok,i find a 1/4 homestead for sell,i wonder if i need to pay for a 16384m ...937prim... Because i got 4096 ...937prim... Homestead is more space but lower prim..so how it going to look on lands use fees. as a 937 prim or 16.0384m ?
  20. need to sell fast. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Biondello/165/26/13
  21. Urzul

    rotation in upload

    how to rotate the object( on the previen)when uploading mesh...
  22. i know it about privacy,and people pay for it. but i am caged on my mainlands,bane line every where. i been open for public as long as i been in sl ,and never get problem whit people ,and if ,bane only the trouble maker. i know this is private ,i only feel like a bee on a window.lol
  23. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Biondello/156/32/13 Deep water
  24. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Biondello/154/43/13 deep water
  25. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Biondello/154/43/13 deep water
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