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  1. HI, i think so to, with osgrid, opensim software there is a way to turn off the gravity on your own sim. And you can link it than to the plattform osgrid or somewhere else, so your sim is avaiable to flybyes The walking in the station.... puff.... Should work with using llGetForce, thought And!!!!!!! there are ZERO GRAVITY scripts TO BUY. If they make it possible to walk on the floor????? Love it Andy ps: if someone is interested.... i am doing stuff, or i am trying to do stuff in Sl. Scripts, objects, also in Opensim. Maby selling also
  2. Hi everyone Can probably anyone help me by adding a paymentinformation to LL. I am trying to by ground and to get the membership, but i cant get the goal.... hm? Paypal says nothing. My creditcard is rejected. And so on. Please * * * * * Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone * * * * Lg Andy
  3. Ahoi, I am looking for a job in RL also as in SL. Hm?? What exactly you want to do? How much do you pay? Please, it is verry difficult to reach someone, so use easy words. Lg Andy
  4. Ahoi, had the same trouble years ago. Than i installed a new version of the operating system and it was working fine. With OpenSuse 3.11 its fine, also some slViewer works with wine, not all. You wrote: You can start the viewer and after a time it stops. ...... Can you read the Output in the console window? It is there where you type < ./secondlife.sh > ?? What stands there? I am running the Viewer without Clouds, without Fog, without Trees, without all grafikal stuff it works with 2 fps ) maby its a C library?? Lg Andy
  5. ) What is mesh, mesh objects?? Thanks Andy
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