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  1. Have fun always ... :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  2. Quand vous avez un autre vie jolie dans cinq ans , maintenant c'est seulement un 'au revoir' , cher valerie ..
  3. See you in somewhat months ! /me waves.
  4. Jinnywitha Cleanslate wrote: ..you can play youtube videos on. Is there a way that I can prevent certain videos from being played on the Icarus TV? Thanks in advance 'You' as in everybody ? Trouble ? Hello ? HELLLLLLOOOOWWWWW !!!!! :matte-motes-bored: ( ETA : the probability of "the answer is a 'No' " is on a level of 100 % in other words. )
  5. Always do ... ... AFTER they return the contract signed with their own blood. ( ETA : I WAS JUST KIDDING !!!! )
  6. Mogguh ... = ^.^ = /me presenteert. Ontbijtkoek ? Pak ! Lekker ?
  7. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: .... because LL refuse to develop a usable alternative interface for viewer 2. I'd like to point out 2 things : - 3rd Party viewers are implementing mesh capabilities into their respective viewers too and are hopefully released soon. - One shouldn't discard the implementation of mesh over percieved issues with the UI.
  8. Sure .. we just need to let all the air out. /me approaches with a large needle.
  9. Get the kitty yourself here . Note : This post and it's creator are not affiliated with Curious Kitties.
  10. /me trods quickly towards valerie and gives her a big hug back. /me purs. Take all the time you need, val .. Get rested really well . Thanks for letting us know. Nous t'aimons aussi .. ^.^ /me waves.
  11. I see you like fast cars. Can I be your mechanic ? ^.^
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