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  1. Newest Firestorm, loaded December 7, 2011, shows great difficulty logging in (3-5 tries and then once in, 5 to 10 tries to get the first TelePort to work. After one teleport, all normal functions continue and the layout is super.
  2. Using a new MacBok Pro and have downloaded the SL viewer now available on line .. Result is that the log-in fails at the "region" stage. Downloaded Firestorm Beta... result is very same. Apparently Linden Labs dont like Macs... Linden Labs, you got a problem way more important than serving the builders and folks who want to see the leaves on the trees...and that is...New arriivals find SL hugely difficult to use! And of course, if u have a Mac, you can not use it all ! What a mess, no wonder SL is dying.
  3. Linden Labs is so interested in tweeking the odd stuff, like making the tree leaves show up, that it has completely forgotten the ordinary user. Most people I contacted to survey opinions about SL report that their highest complaint is very slow rez. Enter a region and wait 30 min or more for the av in there to be fully in view is way too slow for the ordinary user. Linden Labs, you are in deep trouble and you show little awareness of the fact that new residents bail out fast and never come back because (1) it is very difficult to get aclimated, move av around, and manage inventory (2) new folks entering are treated like sh*t by long time Residents, and (3) computer lingo and controls have way surpassed LL by so many other sites so that a savy person entering is turned off by arcane and non-standard commands and controls. I amassed over 150 "friends" in two months. Only about 20 have ever returned. And it is not just me, ha ha! Second Life, with so much promise now, and so much promise missed from 2000 to 2011, is grossly missing the boat on the Internet. Unless LL has some secret way of making money, I predict SL closing in 2 to 3 years.
  4. I have tried to load SL Viewer 2 and it loads and delivers normal screens EXCEPT IN CHINESE. I have tried over a dozen times at different days and times over span of 2 months. I click on English EVERYWHERE possible. There appears no "change language" command in the final window....nor anywhere else. I know China is taking over the world, but must it do so in SL, also? Padme1922@hotmail.com
  5. With Firestorm, I get many interesting panels with descriptions of places I want to go to...but there is no Teleport button. How do I get to these places???
  6. I tried everything.... download, try, Chinese. delete that download. Turn off computer. Turn computer back on, download, try...Chinese Four times ...same result... Maybe this is telling us something about China and SL ?
  7. New user clicks English everywhere but the viewer comes up ALWAYS in Chinese regardless of re-start of computer, delete viewer and reload....How to get to English?
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