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  1. That explains it then. Thank you. Unfortunately, now I can't find out where to actually buy the Lola's Mesh Breasts. I've looked in several places.
  2. I have the 'Mused: Full Breasts' product from the marketplace so I do have those. (Lola's is supposedly a supported shirt applier.) What I'm asking is, what exactly is the PURPOSE of the applier? Being that it comes with certain outfits, I'm assuming it makes the breasts go with the outfit .. but that's not happening. The breasts are sticking OUTSIDE of the outfit rather than fitting inside of it. Where can I even purchase the Lola's Mesh Breasts? I've looked on the marketplace, and a few places in-world .. and nothing.
  3. LOL well, I'll check her blog to see if there's something I'm missing. And I suppose .. free promotion is always good?
  4. Usually they come with the outfits. Like, it'll say 'comes with applier' or you'll just see the picture of the really big boobs off to the side along with a 'normal' looking view of the outfit haha.
  5. Just seeking a bit of help here. Whenever I buy an outfit, the instructions (as far as the applier itself), are to just wear it, click the button and .. boom, you've been 'applied.' However when I click the button ... I really don't see any change in my avatar at all. o.o Is there something I'm doing wrong, or do I need to modify my settings somehow? I apologize if something hasn't been fully explained, I've never dealt with an applier before and I wanted to try something new lol.
  6. A $450 Michael Kors bag. Some NFL swag from Victoria's Secret. A gift card to buy some MAC cosmetics. Some cute Uggs. A big stuffed panda. Some expensive cookware. And a WiiU.
  7. In SL, I was waiting for a certain to show up that never did so ... my Christmas was a bum one in-world. In RL however? Got a ton of gifts, managed to spend time with my family despite having to work that day and good times were had by all. Can't really complain. However, there are times that I do wish my SL experiences could be as awesome as my RL ones. But SL is what you make it ... so ... -shrug- Happy you had a good one in-world though.
  8. I do see your point. I don't log into SL as much as I used to, (especially with working 2 jobs now), so maybe there is no need for me to be using a viewer that has all of the bells and whistles and what have you. The LL viewer seems to be working great for me as of late so ... hey. If it isn't broke ... don't fix it. Far be it for me ruin a good thing.
  9. Goodness, let's not bring up the awfulness that was Windows Vista. I was so happy to be rid of that darned computer that I did a dance lol. And you have a point about people wanting to use every setting possible just because it is there. But I already know from online gaming experiences that I am not playing on a high end computer at all, so I have to stay with the most basic of settings and hope that everything runs smoothly from there. But yes, the LL viewer is simple ... but efficient! I feel myself becoming attached to it again actually hehe.
  10. I had several issues with Firestorm as well over the past few weeks. Perhaps it would help to do a clean install? I ended up going back to the official LL viewer for now.
  11. Thank you for providing a list, I will try a few of those to see what else runs as smoothly as the LL viewer.
  12. Definitely the response I was looking for, thank you! I actually did this twice and still had the same issues with Firestorm. Wiped everything again, tried the official viewer and everything works like a charm, strange. Granted, I love Firestorm and if I could understand why the frequent "disconnections" keep occuring and find a fix for it, I'd be happier. But until then, guess I shall be enjoying my in-world time using the official viewer. Thanks again.
  13. .. that is why I stated the client was crashing "disconnecting" and not my actual machine. I have tried the LL viewer after a full clear of all SL files, and have no problems with that ... oddly enough. Did the same with Firestorm ... same disconnection issues. I keep my graphics updated, always monitor temperatures and nothing is wrong with my ISP (which I also have checked).
  14. I have asked this question before, and I see fit to ask again because as a Firestorm user, I'm becoming extremely unhappy with that viewer lately. I can't even enter a sim without the client crashing and it's very frustrating. Does anyone know of any user-friendly or well-designed viewers that do not crash at the drop of a dime? (And yes, I've cleared my cache, made sure my CPU is not overheating among other things before complaining about this. :( I've only had issues with this for the past few weeks and have been a Firestorm user for over a year. )
  15. Alright, this is mainly a question regarding what I can do to view Second Life a bit better. I have to run Firestorm on the lowest quality of settings because using anything remotely desirable, (shaders, bump mapping, local light, etc) makes my experience extremely laggy. I'm wondering, is this a problem regarding the quality of my graphics card, or the viewer that I use? I'm not exactly tech savvy, so any advice would help. (I was told to buy an Nvidia card and get it installed for my laptop, but I want to be sure it is needed before I do so.)
  16. I can sympathize with the way you feel, but unfortunately, it's out of your hands. That's the only sucky thing about a virtual world: things can get very confusing, very fast. My personal opinion? If the issue doesn't resolve itself in time, (ie: I'm assuming someone lied about something you did), then you will eventually mend your heart and move on. I completely disagree with the childish way she went about banning/muting you before you even had the chance to defend yourself against .. whatever allegation she had against you. Perhaps you're better off. Like your friend said unfortunately, some people just .. do that in SL. You'll love again. And much stronger than before. Just give yourself time to move on from this situation.
  17. I have the same problem .. except y'know, I can't actually will myself to message anyone or say anything in the open chat. I'm a scaredy cat for the most part, haha. - Snowfox.
  18. Hello everyone. :) Let me just get right to the point .. I try hanging out at all of the popular spots, clubs, bars, etc ... It's just not very effective when you're as shy as I am, unfortunately. SL isn't all that fun unless you have friends to chat with, or someone to tag along with you when you go shopping. :( Long story short, I have a variety of interests! Shopping, roleplaying, playing games in SL, just exploring in general. I would love to have a friend or two to hang out with whenever I log on. :) Or if you're a roleplayer/compulsive shopper like me, I'd love to pick your brain for new sims to shop/play at. It'd be a nice change from lurking about in corners and being afraid to tell someone hello. :X - Snowfox
  19. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it was beginning to annoy me. Usually I've been getting so frustrated by it, that I would just log out haha.
  20. I had no idea where else to post this, being that I couldn't find any tech support section of the forums. Or maybe I didn't look hard enough. Whatever. The strange issue I have, is that upon logging in (I use Firestorm, if it matters), literally ALL of my mesh hair is loaded onto my avatar all at once. And I have a LOT of it .. so there are times that it crashes my viewer altogether if I don't resolve the problem fast enough. This has been going on for about a week and I really have no clue how to handle it. Am I really going to have to keep using the 'Remove from Current Outfit' option every single time this happens? Because it really is just getting a bit redundant at this point..
  21. I love to have a nice collection of beautiful skins that are of a darker skin tone. I guess because I am rather picky, the more 'detailed' skins are rather hard to come across. As far as cleavage, abs, and general skin tone .. I just HAVE to have this skin lol. Does anyone know where the skin itself came from? (and no, the seller that the ad came from does not sell skins. =P)
  22. Very informative response, and it certainly helped a lot!
  23. The photos I've viewed from users that use Niran's Viewer are amazing. Maybe it's just me, and I admit, all I know how to do are run viewers on basic settings so I can see how well it fares with my CPU, but every time I try to change my preferences on Niran the entire client just crashes. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and assume that's not normal. Also it is extremely laggy so far. =[ Maybe my CPU just isn't up to the task of running this viewer. -sigh- Suppose I'll have to keep trying viewers until I find what works for me, FPS-wise and graphics-wise.
  24. I'm asking all of you for your opinions here. I've used a variety of viewers in my time using Second Life, but ever since Mesh has become popular and the viewers have been trying to adapt, I'm noticing little things that just irk the crap out of me. Firestorm is what I currently use. And I love to buy Mesh hair but .. sometimes it shows up, sometimes it actually requires a client restart. Others, the hair will literally just be floating in the air! But anyways, (got off topic there lol), as far as reliability, the ability to view mesh, user-friendly customization and overall attractiveness in appearance, what is YOUR favorite viewer?
  25. Oddly enough, I had to restart my computer for the settings to take effect. o_o I had restarted Second Life about ten times and there was no change. Not sure if the method will work for anyone else, but it helped me out. =)
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