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  1. .. I don't know whether to laugh at this story or grimace in disgust. Yuck.
  2. I think it's just a gimmick for a quick ratings boost. IE: when people thought that Lois was going to remain dead as well. Didn't happen. I'm sure Stewie will figure out a way to bring back his best friend somehow. Either that, or Seth MacFarlane got tired of being a constant presence by voicing Brian. Who knows. I'll miss Brian though.
  3. That would depend if your Mirage skin applier is a 'cleavage-enhancing' applier. So far, the only actual Tango Mirage skin appliers that I've seen are cleavage enhancing. In example, me personally, I use the Tango Mirage 'Busty' skin applier that can be bought at The Boobies Show. So no matter what I wear as far as clothing, my boobs will always look like this: That's basically .. super epic mega cleavage that gives a more busty appearance haha. And again, I'm just assuming you have the Tango Mirage mesh breasts. I would guess that if you only have the normal Tango mesh breasts t
  4. I found this very informative, and sorry for the noob question, but what is 'AR' exactly? I had never even heard of defense HUDs until now, hehe. Interesting.
  5. I may test that nipple theory pretty soon. Again, not for functionality, mostly out of curiosity lol. Omg, Pink Fuel has Phat azz appliers? Thanks for telling me! -runs to the store immediately!-
  6. Yes, they do. So if you want to buy something, and you see that it says 'Tango Applier', that applier will work with the plain Tango mesh breasts as well as the Tango Mirage mesh breasts. You are very welcome.
  7. That would explain the popularity of the Lola's then, haha. Personally, I'm one of those people that has little use for nipple functionality but ... I guess it's nice to know that the function is there if I ever need it? Lol. Also, Pink Fuel has been right on the money as far as having a high quality skin with a decent selection of appliers. If the designer has created an applier for the Phat Azz, I may go back and purchase that since I have a skin from there that I don't even use. (Love my TSG skin to death hehe!)
  8. Allow me to be the first to actually give you a constructive response, hun. It depends on the skin applier. Certain skin appliers for the Lola Tango mesh breasts make the breasts look more natural, some are designed to give the appearance of 'improved cleavage.' If you are unsure what I mean, go visit The Sugar Garden. Very organized there and shows pictures of what the applier will do. Hope this helped!
  9. I guess it depends on what you really want to do with the nipples? Haha, but yes. Um, with the Tango Mirage boobs, you can make the nipples ... 'flat', 'normal', 'swollen', have a barbell, have a piecing or just hide the nipples altogether. Can't speak on other mesh boobs since all I wear are Tango/Tango Mirage.
  10. Keep in mind this is just my own personal opinion/experience: The first pair of mesh boobs that I bought were by Mused. They were great and everything, but as I got to playing around with the settings, I realized that I absolutely hate the process of skin blending. Hence the importants of skin appliers when you buy mesh boobs. There are skin designers that accomodate to people that do not wear the Lola's boobs, (I can't name them offhand, sorry), but you're more than likely going to be hard pressed to find quality skin designers offering anything other than Tango appliers. A few of
  11. Well .. I'll just get right to the point. When it comes to relationships in SL ... I've had my ups and downs. And for the longest time, I've just been .. completely shut off emotionally because I hate the thought of having another awful experience. I think I've been healing for long enough so ... I'm ready to get back on that horse, methinks. :matte-motes-wink: I'm not difficult to please. I'd just like someone to spend time with that is going love me for me, weirdness and all. :) Alright, let's wrap this up with bullets, I'm losing steam fast haha. I'm looking for: Straight male
  12. I've tried this before, and it sort of worked! But .. I guess all the friends I made disappeared to take care of some RL things. :( So .. I'm here to try again! I love to talk. I'm a bit weird. (Lulz.) I love to shop! I enjoy games, exploring and .. sometimes clubbing. Depends on the place, really. I'm capable of serious conversation about pretty much anything. However, my sense of humor is a bit .... dry. (It'll grow on you like a cherished fungus, I promise.) I love bad jokes! I especially love to roleplay. (Para RP!) So if you enjoy that as well, that would be a HUGE plus!
  13. Hello! Let me start by saying that I enjoy roleplaying a wide array of different things, and usually I do hop around to different sims to see what I can get into but .. I just don't find group roleplay as engaging as developing a storyline with another person. I enjoy Para RP. Love, love, LOVE it and have been doing it for years. (About ... 10 or so years now, but who's counting .. ;P ) Unfortunately, my roleplay experience on SL is slim to none these days, so I'm looking to change that. ( Usually, I would play on forums, Bebo, AOL, etc. ) So, I'm seeking someone that is looking to h
  14. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: Okay, I met this guy at a business he owns. At first he seemed friendly enough, and we occasionally (repeat OCCASIONALLY) chatted. Neither of us was interested in the other in a romantic way, strictly platonic. After a while I mentioned that I would really like to open a photography studio. I am working on a RL degree in photography and had a pretty intense couple of classes on photoshop, and thought it might be a fun way to make some extra spending Lindens. He mentioned that if I were willing to join his group and donate my 512m to the group that I could have a spot for
  15. Marianne Little wrote: Sure, guys use this as an excuse to get free Skype or voice sex all the time. "Prove that you are female irl or I will not be with you anymore". Emotional blackmail. I say the same, good that she is rid of him. Just hang around with your friend, go shopping and clubbing and she will get over it. Couldn't have said it better myself. I usually don't even waste my time with men that behave that way. But I do hope that your friend feels better soon. There are plenty of fish in the sea, after all.
  16. Hello, hello. I'm not the most social creature in the world when it comes to SL, (in the sense that I do not know WHERE to go to meet new people :( ), so I've brought my search to the forums in hopes that this will be a bit more helpful. I'm looking for someone that loves to explore new sims, (horror-themed and gaming sims in particular), someone that won't mind checking out a roleplay sim or two, someone that doesn't mind being dragged off to shop on occasion, and most of all, just someone that's also seeking friends and wouldn't mind hanging out. :) I'm very friendly and love to conve
  17. I would love to play dress up with you! That's ... pretty much all I do in SL anyways since .. you know .. I'm shy. ._.
  18. Ah, folders, no. Don't suppose I have that problem then.
  19. Well .. I have over 16k items in my inventory, so there is probably a good possibility that it may not show up even on relog.
  20. Thank you so much for mentioning the Redelivery terminal. I was able to receive a couple of my items, but unfortunately some of the stores do not have such a convenience. As far as a new folder, I would notice if something new dropped into my inventory because I'm a bit **bleep** about organization lol. IE: if something is from Apple May Designs, I already have those items stored in 'APPLE MAY' folder. I use all caps to distinguish my folders from anything new. And thank you, I hope this gets resolved soon as well.
  21. In-world, unfortunately and I did accept all the items I received.
  22. I was just wondering if anyone else ran into this problem whenever they were out and shopping. I was just out and about, purchasing products as I always do, no problems or issues so far. But when I get back home to change my clothes and wear some of my new items ... I realize they are nowhere to be found in my inventory. (These products were purchased in-world, by the way) I did actually receive a pop-up saying the items were in fact delivered, (boxes and folders). Assuming they were just elsewhere in my inventory, I typed in a keyword to help me locate it easily .. and nothing came up.
  23. Ugh .. now I have the Lola's breasts, cute clothing for them, and still having issues with the breasts sticking outside of the clothing. I would say that it's just not meant to be but ... being that I already spent lindens on this stuff, I want to know what I can do to make it work haha.
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