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  1. I was in a SL club recently and people were talking about how much time they spend on SL. Then the DJ (who is quite well known) said "I had an accident recently"... He continued: "I normally keep some empty plastic bottles by my PC, so I can urinate without leaving SL and missing the action. This is OK, but the other night I really needed to *poo* (I will keep the curse words out). I was DJing a great set and had about six people in IM, so I didn't want to ruin things by going to the toilet. "10 minutes later, the pain got worse...suddenly I realised I couldn't hold back...I *poo*'d in my jeans. It was awful...the smell was terrible and I felt like a baby again." Everybody stopped chatting. Then the DJ said "I kept on DJing, I had an hour to go before I could go to the toilet and clean myself up". So my question is: Have any of YOU been into SL so much you forgot to go to the toilet, and accidentally wet / fouled yourself?
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