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  1. Hi again. I'm creator of Purrrfect and Horrifically delicious stores. I selled full perm templates for a lot of years and i'm self educated in mesh. I can teach you basic blender work and creating clothes from nothing. I suspect my methods are not so mainstreem but they are all about the comfort and reducing time of work. I'm not so great in a free sculpting because i'm all about game indistry not art industry (different type of 3d) and all about game industry specifics. I'll not make extremely losg teaching because it's rediculous to create 50 lessons from 5-10. I use some programs you'll have to get somewhere like marvelous designer and retopology progrmas. But this is really when i'm lazy. I dont' think there is need to increase the miracle effect in 3d work, so i show it simple and if you want more story into lessons i can so it. But if you choose just go there and start from scratch i'm fine with it. But please don't think it'll not be effort from your side because after me you'll have to fight with what you've learned by yourself.I can provide some help afterworld like fixing and showing you your mistakes. Maybe it would be nice to have homework to be able to see mistakes right after lesson. I can only accept straight paypal payouts, and we'll speak about price in private. There is only one thing, i have bad english accent so probably you'll want to choose lessons with text not voice.I can include text in video. Contact me by mail or skype: alfirin.dancer@gmail.com (i check mail every morning but by skype you can reach me all day)
  2. Hi there. I'm creator of Purrrfect store ( but i had to close it by personal reasons), you can watch items of my alt store "Horrifically delicious". I can do a custom mesh for you. I work with Maitraya Lara, Slink, Slink hourglass,can be Belezza but questionable.Also have Gianny male dev files and femboy chest for Lara. I also own Marvelous designer so i can work for Sansar. There are only couple of rules: 1) i only accept straight paypal payouts without linden dollars. 2) Not all the designs can be done and there can be some changes in design to avoid problems. 3) As i closed my stores there can be possability i'll not have lindens for test uploads so maybe you'll have to give them if the item is hard one.4) Leave me anought time for work and dont rush. Would appreciate if we'll contact by skype not notecards or mails : alfirin.dancer@gmail.com
  3. Maybe it's a little late for answer but i'll do it anyway. You send application for mesh body and if you r lucky, you get dummy fo the body. However the body is decimates and rigging on it is kind of corrupted. Also shape itself can be earlier stage of fixing it so the size is different. As example some chests for Kemono are about 70% accurate including rigging and the shape. Some creators don't give dummy at all. And well it still possible to make clothes for them if you draw your rigging yourself on eye.ANd spend a monthes rigging it every day and fixing and rigging and fixing and rigging untill you reach the border of insanity. As example it tooked me about 1500 fixes (by number of savings) to draw proper dress rigging for Kemono body. The problem is original dummy rigging is strongly needed to create skinny items where you dont' use alpha or you just can't do it.Usually you just hide the body by alpha and draw your weight but there are kind of cursed areas where you can't. In ideal if you own original and quality dummy asRuth for example, it lays in a public folder. So in this case you don't do rigging at all.And it's incredibly less stress and it was hard to come back to Slink and Lara from Ruth zero rigging. As creator i fully understandall this thief problems and need to protect the body.However after work with Ruth it looks like not respect for creators who do clothes and get not accurate dummy.Like a joke. You can say that uhh well if they want to protect the body they have a rights. BUT they could provide creators with 100% accurate dummy.Easy. Without UV of their body this dummy is useless and people who can re upload the body with working UV is failed. Put the body on Zrush and retopology it, then insert back to blender and apply original rigging. Protected.Success.
  4. I didn't want to necro this topic but i came to forum for almost same themes. From my experience difference in final of cheap price are: People treat cheap templates like yard sale item.i fully agree with previous opinions about too much full perms cause the random share them to random ppl. People who can easy buy full perm from money they could spend on final product in any other store , don't feel nothing to this template. They start to go against TOS , spread template to 50 of friends, make mistakes like put copy mod into demo , ignoring creator of template , steal templates, re sell templates , even sell them in private mode cheaper to anyone. Ppl who steal templartes become rediculously agressive,rude and annoying , acting rude when real creator report on them for stealing their copyright item and break tos. So it cause the item who would bring 50 sells for example, to only get 1 sell.All templates spread all over and disrespectfully devaluate the creator.Of cause creator become sick of this and increase price to cut off the customers who must not be allowed to full perms , like thiefs for examples or jusr rude ppl who easy can start war by spreading templates asap. Main reason of hight prices are self respect,self protection. Not allways is a quality.The quality of mesh is not only look of it but also comfort of scripting it , comfort of texturing it, normal UV,goodies included in kit.And after all the case do creator even understand he is creating cause i've seen so strange,out of logic,abnormal styles of meshing .....or absolute untexturable meshes cause of their UV. Plus the mesh ideas,mesh interesting level. But actual and global reason - noone care. Ppl mostly don't respect creator's time,hard work,wasting time,spit on him and his work,making drama,holy wars,trolling,try to beat money from creator back.And creator feel himself as a cheap crap used by everyone and don't getting nothing back for it. And not all the time but often,creators are not greedy bastards, but they are usual ppl who pay bills by this work. I myself work 14 hours a day, 24/7 , i don't eat , i sleep bad, i'm nervous and depressed.I put everything into my work cause it's my only work and all i get back is peeeeeeeeeep. So as other creators. So big price can count a fair price depending on the time and mental powers u put into it. Maybe some of creators have co-creators and this work for them is pretty easy and comfort and they are ok for selling their creatiins for 1cent..It's their buisness.But i myself would better abandon sl then work 24/7 and 14 hours a day to get 10cents for it. I'm not masochist. And ppl don't care cause they don't know what hard work is it. So they easy spit on top of your work and low price make it worth. And after all of this ppl do a pressing to full perm creators because of too hight price. As example one of my customer contacted me after my global changes to prevent this issues i wrote and told my prices are too hight allready (350L$) and i must not increase price to protect myself with fair price . you know why? Because he have no money for templates.So i must not increase prices and more of it , i must reduce them even more, and almost sell it by one cent . And it show ignorance and disrespect cause he don't care about me either. And only reason i must do it because other creator sell it cheaper. This ruins economic by itself. Cause template ciunt as crap without value. Ppl don't understand value of full perms and want it to coast them nothing. They set up their profit on a work of others and act rude afterwards. Also cheap price make the marketplace get tons of bad textured items. Cause big price mean that only buisness owners or talented texture artists who have buisness buy it. But cheap price mean everyone,just literally everyone can do it. But value of full perms it's POSSABILITY on first place for ppl who can't create mesh and it must have big price. Cause it's finished template, not just final tube dress by 50L.
  5. Hi <Purrrfect> store searching for info and if i'll like you , collaboration with you. 1) How much it's coast creating mesh body capatible with appliers sistem and ready to give to scripter for work. 2) I'm not interested in "pay for hour" creators cause i can go sleep and then say i did a work for your "pay for hour" tax. I need craetors who'll say plus minus how much their work will coast . 3) I can split profit with you , depending on scripter's work. If it'll decrease your price by add more money from sells , i'm ok with it. Also by not stealing this item and connecting to a sells , you'll protect your own buisness and item. 4) I'll put your and scripter's names into hud's small text as co-creator, i don't ahve problems to call your custom work for me mine creation. I only need your custom work. 5) i need standart layers as for any other body Send me NC Voxifera Resident
  6.  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/107308 Hi. I'm searching for gothic bloggers or at least any blogger ( cause i sell full perm items and they can be recolorable to any color). First be sure you don't have sponsors who use my templates so we wouldn't be in one blog (scroll marketplace and try to recognise did you use this items before from your sponsors) while i'm actually new in blogging workers , send me notecard with what you can provide to me and what you need for this job from me. Ty Voxifera Resident
  7. Hi. I search scripter who allready experiened or at least talented enought to script mesh body with appliers sistem.If you are experienced with creating mesh body its plus to you.I'm mesh creator but not experienced with body or body parts at all so it can slow the group work with you if i'll be in need to create body. Cause i'm kinda stranger to mesh body buisness i first want to get notecard from you with the peicw for work you can do for me. Maybe i have enought of money to pay you , if not i'll inform you and not make you wait in silence. From you i would want to know how much will it couast to script mesh body , to create hud for it (for exaple hud to make transparent or visible piercings as exaple . alpha of body parts) , hud for appliers sistem and what i must do to mesh file for appliers sistem ( faces or what exactly) . So if you are talented enought to also create body by my custom work pictures examples i would pay for that too . As return to you i can pay by paypal , my L$ or i can add you as co-creator in marketplace so you could get half of all sellings forever and ever. I'm ok with this because i'm doing it not for money but because i'm tired and sick of mesh creators's ignorance and not answering to my applications . But i'm highly clear and nice person , i don't steal nothing and you can trust me with it , its lower then my morality to do so. So it paralisation to my work because i must add some mesh body to my work too plus to default body. So all i do it for is to have mesh working body i'll create for without pain in my ass. Cause i'm literally sick of waiting for ignorance. As for me i'll give developers kits free and saved from edit mesh body manequins either so people could be free to work with this mesh body if they want to and not only given to CHOSEN ONE and VIP people. Everyone must have chance. So let me know the price first. And less pain in as* you'll do work then better. Thank you. --------- IF YOU ARE mesh body experienced creator. You can send me notecard also. As my wish to mesh body UV map - i don't care about make it from default body or do your own UV map .So it'll be more easy for you - just to make mesh body and do all preparations for appliers sistem and alpha.
  8. Ah yes, sorry wasnt on forum. Well yes its solved , it was importing option with joint position
  9. What i expect to rent : 1) Gothic , dark or grungy area. 2) I prefere clean colors and mesh buildings. 3) Size is about hmmm 32x32m or little bigger (it depends on building). 4) I expect minimum 200 prims 5) I would love to have neighbors stores , active events areas . I'm tired to see skyes around rented box. I want roads and people walk around. So probably its big area ,where store is situated. 6) I would prefere "non conformism" stores around m i mean i wanna see subcultures stores around not explosion of happyness , cupcakes and tons of flowers around. So better as on picture. 7) Send me notecards if u know any examples
  10. Hello. So i create dress where i have problem i cant't even get reason why. Dress have collar so neck is involved to rigging. Details: 1) Eyelashes and eyes and head , everithing but skeleton and dress was deleted clean before rigging. THere is no nothing there. 2) Everything what connected with eyes cleaned too. So nothing not connected to eyes even. 3) I couldn't move eyes bones away because after every rigging moving bone to watch it , i use ctrl z to not move nothing away. So i can move bone no matter where and then cntrl z it and go to other work. 4) I test it as bug of viever but i did tests on my friends with other vievers and their eyes are ok. I even pull a husband to a dress to test on his shape.And his eyes are normal. I'm myself wear only mesh cloth, no mesh eyes or anything like this and i dont have this issue. My beta dont have issue too. I can say half of people dont have this problem. But SOMEHOW dress corrupt lower part of eyes some of people. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii8/xxxrenjixxx/Untitled-1_zpscf6df318.png Biggest not understanding is that 50% of people dont get issue at all. First i had idea that its some kind of conflict with other meshes. Also for my point of view if dress was connected to a eyes for example , pieces of dress fly away messy when eye moving. But this one just move eyelead dawn. As i told my eyes stay normal and alot of people have normal eyes. I even tryed to do my eyes big and open but they stay normal anyway. It looks like skeleton somehow just...move eyes out of body.Its official skeleton so why . Btw after long and useless research i get only answers all over search that somehow abstract phrase "bad mesh".For me is sound like white noise.I cant get what is that abstract phrase.Its the same as to say " planet is wrong" wrong where? not bad but bad in what exactly? I seriously can't get reason. Help me plese with it. Ty
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