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  1. I realize this is an old question, but thought I would post the following link since it explains things in greater detail than was provided in the other answers: SL Wiki: Basic Event Hosting. Hope this helps! :cattongue: (BTW, the linked article is part of the SL Certification Project and there may at some point be an official certification test available for event hosting...at least, I'm pretty sure it's not yet available. If I am mistaken I'm sure someone will offer a correction. :catwink:)
  2. Okay, thanks for the info (I had thought the Permalink option was for something else). Good to know.
  3. Good news: I just visited the METAbolt website, and it says, contrary to previously posted information, it IS continuing to be offered! Here is the link for the download as accessed from the METAbolt homepage (http://www.metabolt.net/): https://github.com/CasperTech/METAbolt/releases/tag/
  4. LOL! Thank you for the information. I toyed around with them a year or so ago, but decided not to invest more time in them since I got a better handle on Firestorm.
  5. Hmmm...sometimes these community posting venues confuse me... are these comments visible to all or just the two of us? I don't see them when I access the OP's question from his About page; I only see them when I access the question from my About page. (In other words, should I post the above links as an additional answer to his question so others can see them?)
  6. Of course, I'm just a peon and not any kind of expert, but I do hate to see people leave SL who cared enough about it to spend real money on a Premium membership, little though it might cost.
  7. Thank you. Agreed, this is probably the case, but from this comment, it seems at one time he did have a computer that allowed him access. Another solution might be for him to choose a third-party viewer which uses less resources such as Catznip or Singularity, or more text-oriented ones such as METAbolt or Radegast which, if I understand correctly, can allow inworld interface with limited screen updates. Here is a link to the third-party viewer page for more information: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory. Additionally, here is another link on getting support fro
  8. Athanasius, If the only reason you want to cancel is because your computer won't run the SL viewer, I urge you to consider contacting SL Help instead of canceling. As a Premium member you are entitled to personal help from SL. They may be able to assist you in getting the viewer to run on your computer. Here is a link to an explanation of your Premium membership's benefits: Premium Membership Benefits. I don't remember the exact steps you will need to take to ask for their help, but this page should help you figure out how to do it. Respectfully sends, MorSuljyn :catvery-happy:
  9. As logical as it may seem for SL to utilize volunteers, there may be legal difficulties involved. I believe at one time LL did use such services in the form of LDPW and the Moles. However, these individuals are now paid employees of LL, and I believe this change was due to urgings from legal experts. Additionally, and unfortunately, volunteer work is an unstable solution for most businesses, despite the best intentions of many volunteers. Even the best of volunteers will drop or side-line a project if their personal life becomes too demanding, leaving the business holding the proverbial
  10. This is a sore point with me, too. Does anyone know if LL is planning to make online/off-world inventory organization available at any time in the foreseeable future--is it perhaps on their short list of things to do? It sure would save a lot of bandwidth--one would think they would jump at the chance to relieve some of the pressure on their servers. But if it's not on their short list, where is the best place to make an official request? (Since they can sell you things via the online market place, then the basic framework is already in place to access one's inventory from, say, the accoun
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