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    Faun Legs

    I just bought some faun legs and well I was all excited and whatnot and now I can't even wear them right! I mean, I thought there would be some kind of base but apparently not :L I'd hate to of watsed my money and it seems like all I can do is resize them until their disgustingly big. Does anyone know another way? Some way for me to wear these legs correctly?
  2. Tandero

    Being a Host?

    Who knows how to be a host? What does it take and what do you have to do?
  3. Okay I am in desperate need of a job but I seriously don't know how to do a damn thing! A friend helped me open a little shop but in all honesty I did a very crappy job and the items are so random I guess it just doesnt catch people eye! Its been open for a week and I've made no sells...one week left and I'll be left with nothing. I've thought of just being like some kind of pro beggar or mooch because it seems like the only option I have left. I can't even get a job as a dancer because my schedule isn't set in stone and I haven't found a single freelance club since I've joined SL... I also have NO idea how to make clothes, I'm creative and an artist but I'm not so good with technology. Real estate well you gotta have money to get money and in all honesty it seems kind of risky. I don't know how to build. I don't know how to be a dj, like streaming music and whatnot. Linden hunting takes HOURS just to get a couple bucks. Hosting, I dont even know because no one can teach me how to do it and ugh.... I just don't know I'm thinking of just whoring around a little. If anyone has any advice please share, I really need some.
  4. Okay I'm pretty new and of course that means no money. I dont have a premium account or whatever so I cannot earn money and I have no way of buying Lindens. So I decide to get a job doing the only thing a girl can do in this girl, 'dancing', we all know what that really means but that is a different story. So anyway in every application for any dancing job anywhere you need pictures. So I take the snapshots and it tells me pictures cost ten linden! So I decide to save it to my computer, and upload them, nope that cost money too. Is there anything I can do to get these damn pictures onto these applications? Or does SL want me to be doomed to be a beggar? Please help! Any advice is appreciated! On a side note if anyone is pro dancer or even just a tad experianced, some tips would be greatly appreciated!
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