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  1. SL & symbian markets ?:matte-motes-bored:
  2. I'm using Nokia E7-00 now for few months,and im really curious why is there second life viewer versions for Iphone and Android but not for Symbian (Anna/Belle) ? What's the big deal ? Yes,i've been reading forums and i heard people talking about how symbian is weak software but srsly , in fact there is a skype for symbian belle (for example) already and i think that is quite big app for symbian,but still supporting it. But for instance like Iphone have Pocket Metaverse or Sparke IM etc. those apps only allow you to see the map and your friend list in SL( as long as i know from my friends using it on their iphones),you don't see it as you usually do on a PC .So this make the app similar as the others chat programs.I mean isn't skype for example the same thing - connecting with the net,open your contact list and choose a person to chat with ? Also i found few threads about "vollee" or something,that's been supporting SL for symbian for a bit,but stopped and no one told why. Seriously is Symbian software that bad,that can't hold up on a bit stronger chat app?And if symbian can hold up on SL why isn't there an app ?
  3. it's been around 1 month and this problem still exists. I don't know what to do
  4. OMg.... i did that it was running ok for few mins until my net stopped and then everything was the same like before and im runing the classic theme and it started to stuck on loading fonts again Though with classic theme it runs well more often for few mins but still needs something more ...
  5. that makesmore sense actually.wheni reinstalled my windows SL was runing till tonight.i should of changed something so it stopped. im running my own theme i tihnk based of the default just changed colour.i changed themes that doesn't make any difference.if you have time oyu can come in my computer by team viewer and see what's going on actually.
  6. unfortunately there is no way back if the owner of tem quit SL as you said. It happened to me once with some underwear when i worn them as the add option when i reloged they disappeared.But the owner gave me them back as i described the issue
  7. awesomeeee that makes me think i'll never play SL again ;(
  8. omg it's the same problem as u gave the link up i have the same problem and i don't understand what you mean by my clock isn't right ?it shows my time correct. if u have skype please let me know seems u know information about it
  9. Im sorry for posting this thread here but i didin't find section where to. I have major problem with second life after i reinstalled my windows and the ISP problem appeared again. Yesterday when i tried to login it stucked on loading fonts and then i have no media,crash around 30 mins from SL,can't teleport,my groups are invisible,my friends aren't loading.Today it doesn't stuck on loading fonts but still have the same problems like yesterday.After restarting my router SL runs well for few mins after i try to teleport which makes me crash after 2 mins trying to teleport somewhere else or relog,then the same problems with the things i said above appear. This problem appeared since i've changed my internet providers,long ago i had the same problem after my calls every day and trying to find out what's going on some dude pick up on me i described the problem and he did some image setting which mademy SL works properly.As long as i remember that i was last year,and thursday,4th after reinstalled my windows,it's like this setting disappeared or it's deleted.I called them today and they said they don't handle games and can't help me. SO i tried to handle the problem by myself. Opened all ports that i found in wikipedia that used to cause firewall problems,turned off my firewall and it doesn't help,deleted cache it doesn't help,restarted the router it doesn't help also.Im out of ideas what to do,my ISP can't help me neither can i for myself.Yesterday late in the night for around 3 hours,SL was working ok.I even reloged few times in 1 hour so see if the problem appears and it doesn't.Today morning this problem appeared again and im asking what it causes it. So i really hope someone here knows what's going on with this issue i have it since i changed my internet last june.
  10. I tried the technique with the HTTP textures ,unfortunately doesn't work And set the updated to be updated manually but it's too late. ;/
  11. That's so true after the update today when i woke up i just knew it would be a bug and here we go the texture load bug appeared again as i posted new thread about it. Yes it's too often and it doesn't repair everything i'd say it buggs something on every update. The new update tomorrow,one god knows why they updated it everything was perfect..... and my computer lagg even more with the update
  12. I woke up tomorrow and started SL it came update. after the update the textures stopped loading properly everything stays blurry,tried everything cleared cache,rebaked textures million times,went to free lagg land,relogged heaps times nothing helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thank you guys for reaplying on my topic.Now i know i'm not the only one with the bug . I'm currently reinstalling Second Life but i don't think it'll help. Anyways i hope other people keep posting on this topic so administrators could see the problem,if they aren't noticed about it.
  14. Just an update popped up and updated viewer 2. Now i can't see IMers pictures.That makes the chat harder to see who IMs you -.- **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://img34.imageshack.us/img34/2847/bugdbv.th.png" border="0" />
  15. 90% of my friends are using phoenix. I tried other third party viewers,yes. And i did restart my modem(router) it's not from the router.However i updated my profile again and the issue with the friend is ok.So it was just SL
  16. i got tuned up for this issue. Most of my friends can't see their friends online until they IM them or the friends relog which means logg of and log in.It works the same way for me2 so my guessing are it's SL which i'm kinda glad it's not from me lol. But i'm still curious why my profile information got erased. Perhaps because i'm using viewer 2 and you edit your profile online.That what my guessings are.Hope i get more information further
  17. `my OS is good enough. net speed download 10mb/s upload 0.50kb/s. i'm using viewer 2
  18. Since yesterday when i relogged,SL stucked at "logging in" then diconnected me it said that my net is slow.I tested my net and it was the speed that i'm paying for. I quit SL few times til this repairs and it was good since i saw i can't see any online friends and my profile was emty.Just the groups are save. Does anyone knows what's going on?Is it me or it's sl at all.
  19. my underwear i bought disappear when i attached it as Add.When i reloged my underwear was disappeared
  20. same problem to me here it's from viewer 2 people see me ok with phoenix.
  21. My AO just stopped working right now. HOW WORTH IS VIEWER 2 !!!!!!!!!!!
  22. people see me normal on phoenix viewer. "See how worth is viewer 2."
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