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  1. I belive that Apple is blocking 11.7 for the MAC due to security implcations. LL have changed the way of reporting bugs you now have to raise individual bug reports. There is no voting etc unless you have various privilages you cannot see any reports. Start raising reports if you want this fixed.
  2. For information, LL are unable to reproduce the problem. They say that the maintenance that was done on 2 Jan was likely to have fixed the issue although it was not done with that in Mind.
  3. I raised the Jira bug report and I have been in contact with LL regarding it. There was 2 bug reports raised on the same issue. As some of you have indicated it is no longer possible for people to see bug reports made by somebody else except for a very limited few. I have been working with Maestro Linden on this issue, it appears that the issue went away afer the last unscheduled maintence on 2 Jan. But the actual cause of the problem has not been located but is stil being looked into. However, the problem appears to have gone away and KittyKats have said that is is reasonable safe to retu
  4. I spent some time chatting to supprt early this week and they say there is no problem and like me they could find no Jira entry to indicate there is a problem. Without such an entry the problem is unlikely to be fixed. I have seen references to 'LL say they will fix the problem after 1 January' or similar but I have not found anything from LL to say this. That is why I raised the Jira entry bug-4807.
  5. To bring this back on topic: There seems to be a major issue with the asset servers which has been going on for a number of weeks. It seems to affect breedables mainly. For example it is possible to pick them up but when you need to drop them - the drop is greyed out using detach results in the loss of the item. As the items are no copy this is a real issue.
  6. I totaly agree I have just lost 4ks worth of items due to not knowing about restarts - all I got is responce to my ticket that it was my fault for rezzing them at the time of a restart but I did not know this Grrrrrr
  7. I am getting the same problem(s) - long log intime unable to tp etc. No Friends or groups list Live support say that they cannot hep and to raise a bug report. I'm paying 40$ a month to use mainland which I can't and I was told that no refunds were allowed under the TOS.
  8. I notice that the latest viewer Second Life 3.2.4 (246439) did not install correctly in that it did not replace the earlier one. I deleted all the earlier copies and installed a fresh copy of build 246439. With this build, I am not able to run multiple copies. I have allow multiple viewers checked in preferences, I have also added -multiple to arguments.txt but neither of these work. Any ideas? Linda
  9. The problem I have and it looks like some others have is the move of the message icons from the bottom right to the top right. I have not been able to fond a way of moving them back down. Every thing else is at the bottom - chat etc so you miss stuff happening top right. It seems yet another random change from LL without any thought. Linda
  10. I am able to log onto SL with the 2.8.1 viewer. I have never had a log on issue with any V2 viewers. There is a minor issue with shadows on 2.8.1 apart from the everything s fine. Looking at the Jira, it does look like you have a marginal DSL connection with results in either lag or log in failures ( Different viewers have different requirements in Terms of bandwidth etc). Have a look at the knowledge base for network issues. It maybe your ISP is restricting the bandwidth available for SL.
  11. The issues regarding eyes etc, also appear with Snow Leopard so that is is probably not a 64 bit problem. There are issues with other OSs (Linux) and the eye / shadow problem. The only issue with Lion that I have is that PPC only software does not run as Apple have dropped non Intel support.
  12. Hiya Six, since the update to Second Life 2.8.1 (237758) Aug 4 2011 14:27:27, I have had an issue with tings not rendering when I log on. Non of my clothes appear and I look naked. No eyes etc. There are listed in my outfits as being worn. aquick edit outfit fixes this. 
  13. Thank you for the reply. It wasn't a spy orb, the scripts in it just implied it was. The 'orb' was over my land and didn't seem to a prim apart from it having contents and it changing the appearance of the sky when it was viewed though the orb. Linda
  14. Thank you for the reply, I have tried Live Chat again who refused to take any action. They actually closed the chat window on me. I have raised this on a further Ticket. It is now 72 hours since I raised the issue and 48 since I opened the ticket. It looks like LL support is on holiday. With the help of a very kind person in SL, the issue is resolved - it was not a spy orb it just looked like one the scripts it contained implied that it was. Aparently it is the result of some freebe weapon system. The reult is that the person who created it in now on the banned list for the land. Linda
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