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  1. \☺/ :cathappy: fish hunt now with from 25% more affordable traffic for landowners!
  2. Hi Harley Rainn, Thank you for trying out Fish Hunt. I see that you have gotten our FREE (65% commission) demo buoy for showcase purpose This means that when you paid 500 L$ in your FREE 65 % commission buoy the budget available for fishers to fish out was only 175 L$. There are other buoys with a lower commission, however they do cost more upfront. If you have any questions about how our system works or to see if maybe there are things you can do to maximize your results versus cost please contact a Game Master in world to get more information. *It is important to know that we provide the free DEMO buoys so that land owners can try them out and see the traffic they can produce before they decide to buy a more expensive lower commission buoy.
  3. I am attempting to make particles float down from their source towards a specified target using the llParticleSystem() function. Is that not possible in LSL? Currently my particles just seem to hit a wall of their source's Z plane.....they can't go down further... I looked in the caveats and couldn't see any restriction such as that.
  4. Well one of the things about fishing is it takes some time to increase your earnings. You gain fishing experience points and that will increase your earnings. I would definitely upgrade your fishing rod and stick with the goldtokens money games!
  5. This isn't the "word on the street" its an opinion.. http://www.goldtokens.net/ Take a look at the huge amount of work that has been done with the new website, landowner backend, and everything else to make constant improvements for players. Feedback is being listened to and acted upon all the time to make improvements... Over 2 million was paid out to new players (not to the owners of the game) this month. Hardly greed. ps) sorry for posting a link but I feel that this is unfair and owner has to be defended here!
  6. Pathfinding is FAR from useless. In fact it solves some HUGE problems for product developers and estate managers in SL. Snuffles is the first breedable that uses the pathfinding system. They generate hardly any lag because they do not use old collision based movement systems. http://www.goldtokens.net/index.php?title=Snuffles Just because some people so far haven't had the technical knowledge of imagination to make something useful out of it does not make it useless. We run the probably the largest gaming network in Second Life. We develop new games used by 30,000 players per month. I can say from experience that game development is something that takes MONTHS. So there is probably a ton of wonderful pathfinding content still in development that people just haven't seen released yet. Actually the real problem is that we need to make pathfinding more accessible to users. It should be possible to make a prim into a walkable surface or exculsion volume just using a dropdown box on the EDIT menu instead of having a scary looking linkset menu. Also, when someone makes a new walkable surface or exclusion volume it should rebake the navmesh immediately. Most users understandably lack the technical knowledge to perform such tasks.
  7. Ok here's the deal. I have a scripted product that I want to be able to update without sending out new copies of the product. Instead I want to be able to just change out the scripts for my customers automatically. I have seen this being done with some products in SL where they give out an "upgrade bee" that changes out and updates the inventories of items to the latest version. How would I go about this?
  8. This really takes the biscuit I think. There are now lots of parcels getting a traffic score of 0 even though they are half full all the time. I personally have seen several parcels that has ZERO traffic for almost a week but has regular visitors some who stay for several hours. This is totally weird. How has our beloved SL been broken now and who is responsible?
  9. I want to use spam bots to advertise into groups. My question is - can I be banned for this activity? Is there guidance from LL and what can I do to protect myself?
  10. I see adverts for places in the login screen where I type in my username and password. How do you get your own stuff to show in there? What are the steps, how is it ranked, and how do I go about it. EDIT: Ok so some are about the destination guide. Does it also show the scheduled events too?
  11. I would just like to say thank you to the commerce team for adding a long-awaited fishing category to the marketplace. The Fish Hunt is one of the largest games on the grid and we're very happy that LL is taking care of the fishing community in general.
  12. Yes, but they don't give you the option to transfer in any form. Transfer is disabled when you receive it. I wanted to use these for my affiliate stores as copy only. I wouldn't mind adhering to terms and conditions, provided an item was as advertised.
  13. It's even advertised on the image as being full perm. And yet they specify in their 'terms and conditions' (smallprint) that they aren't selling full perm... This applies to hundreds of items that they are selling.... I'm not so concerned about my 500L as all the poor people that are getting ripped off here...
  14. I recently bought an item on full perm that turned out not to be full perm. It turns out that their entire range is like this and that they are deliberately defrauding people on a massive scale. Basically they advdertise all their items as having transfer perms and they don't. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/31119 This is the item I bought https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Treasured-Cove-Display-Pack-2-Sculpt-Map-Package/867022 I am a British citizen and I am officially returning these goods under the Consumer Protection Act. How will Linden Labs ensure that these regulations are enforced?
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