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  1. What you need to do is try to find what kind of graphics chip your PC has, then google the drivers. Like my PC has an ATI 5770, so I would google ATI 5770 drivers. This should fix your problem if SL was working fine before the update. Also, Windows tends to install MS approved drivers, and 99.9% of those are outdated junk.
  2. The reagon you're in may be experiancing problems. Before you click the login button, do you see a drop down under start? Click that and choose My Home instead of last location, or visa versa. Let me know if that doesn't help.
  3. Thanks for the advice, guys. And yes, I know her "government job" is bunk or next two it. As far as RL threats, I'm about as concerned about them as I am about the sun falling from the sky. I'll explain the situation in detail and why this is disrupting my SL. I'll change some minor details just encase there is some TOS rule, but most the story will remain intact. I met this woman at a sim I started visiting back in May of last year. I'm a kid avi, so it's VERY hard to find a place to accept you without pullout out that magical "LL says you can't be here" line or "Your avi is illegal in my country so you must leave" so I was VERY HAPPY to find a place that I liked a lot and they accepted me. Anyway, I hung out here a lot and got to be friends with the owner and some of the regulars. About a month ago, the sim underwent changes which caused them to choose new owners, managers, poo muckers, ETC. One of the girls, who I'm best friends with, became one of the poo muckers. Well, the woman that has been harassing me wigged out and quit her job there. (She was one of the ETCs.) Now, she wants my best friend to be removed from the poo mucker position an fired along with anyone that is friends with her, IE me. She also wants no one to be friends with her. So now we live with the sim being attacked for days or weeks at a time, physical threats, and being spammed with request and such until we DC. Recently, she has started doing it at some big name businesses we're known to visit and that just isn't cool. Even if I do make a second AV, and I have, the abuse will continue there as soon as she sees me talking to my friend. This girl seems to have all the time in the world to make alts and place them around SL with the hope of seeing or hearing my friend talk to anyone. Here is what gets me, what if this woman does it again? Say tomorrow she stops harassing us because she got another meaningless title at another sim. Say this group fires her for not mucking the poo correct. You'll have the same situation with the same person, but at a different sim. It don't like big brotherish intervention into most things that happen in my SL, but this is one time that I think it is really, REALLY needed. There are just some people that need to be given a real time out, and not just a simple avi ban. Off topic and some Apache shilling: I wrote this up on Open Office for Android tablets. Is this program smexy or what?! I love it! EDIT: AHHH! I feel like a fool. I meant ThinkFree Mobile, not Open Office. Why I had OOo stuck in my head, I'll never know. x.x
  4. I would post one of my ARs here, I keep a record, but I'm not sure if that would be breaking any silly TOS rules. Lets just say I includ full copy/paste of the chat, persons name, location, screenshot, and any other bits I can dig up. This isn't anything new and has been going on for a long time. I doubt it's my AR skills. If I was running a company like LL and someone was making physical threats and claming they could get any info they wanted because they had a "goverment job", I'd take that serious and use the full extent of my power to make sure that person never sets foot in-world again.
  5. Tell me about it. Someone leaves you death threats and LL doesn't care. You name that person and suddenly you're banned.
  6. I've been stalked and harassed by the same user for four months now. I have her blocked, but she keeps making alts and crashing the sims I go to, spamming me and my friends, and sending death threats. What can I do, short of a lawsuit, that will make this stop? I've submitted atleast 100 ARs on this person alone, more if you count my firends and the abusers alts, and she is STILL running free in Second Life.
  7. The situation is getting worse. Now the woman is theating to join my groups and start spamming them. Is there ANY Linden that cares enough to help me out here? Or am I just going to have to stoop to her level to make her leave me and my friends alone?
  8. Me and my friends have been stalked and hurassed by ONE woman since about Janurary and LL has done NOTHING to stop it. No, the AR process is bunk. I can see LL having a weekly bondfire with all the AR ticktes they print out.
  9. What do you have to do in this game to get a Linden to actually listen to you? I've been hurassed since Januray by the same psycho and now she is starting to stalk my usual hangouts and spam-crashing me and anyone else inside. I've reported her and her alts about 100 times now and nothing. The crazy is still here and still making it hard for me to get around. I can't go out to my favorite places without having to worry about her showing up with one of her stupid alts and crashing the sim. This is rediculous.
  10. HAHA! I figured it out. For futur reference, you do need a nicely sized pic or SL will blur it or distort it. All the sizes I use work perfectilly. Now, it seems both V2 and V3 blur disply pics added to prims. The way to fix this, for you atleast, is to edit the prim the profile pic is on, go to the texture tab, and let it load. Easy peasy!
  11. I have tried this, but it doesn't work. Now, if I upload my profile pic again it will not be blurry on the prim on til an while passes or I relog.
  12. Here is my problem. I work as a hostie for a club in SL and my profile pic in the tip jars have been blurry since forever, so I decided to make one that works with them. I have tried 256x256, 512x384, and 256x192 as the upload size for my profile pic and they ALL work, that is until I log off and log back on or an hour or two passes. What happens is, next time I log into the tip jar it is all blurry like SL is trying to resize a 16x16 pic to 256x256. Is there ANY way to get a profile pic to correctly display in tip jars? Do I need to tweak the script somehow? All help is greatly appreciated.
  13. If you can affored another 100L$, get this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Apelz-Ice-Cream-Bunny-Mint-Chocolate-Swirl/1664453 They have differnet colors and you can check them out in world. I got this exact AV lastnight and I LOVE it. :3
  14. I've been a child AV since I came to Second Life and I'm not banned yet. I always get some jerk going "hurrr... nu agespali heer..." I just shrug it off and move one. Everytime it's happened, it's been in some sim that isn't even worth visiting, pretends to be friendly, or it's someone who doesn't know how to read the rules. Anyway, don't let it get you down. Just send them a message about how you're too awesome for their crappy sim and move on even if you're not a child AV like myself.. ;p
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