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  1. Found a solution after reading through. Seems to have been some networking issues. Thanks, Madelaine.
  2. I really appreciate you screen shoting the page for me. I'll give it a look once I finish cooking.
  3. I can't connect to their website, as stated in my edit. Something strange is going on, here.
  4. At the moment, half of the items in my inventory are gone, including landmarks. Folders appear empty. I've cleared my cache in the preferences, on Firestorm viewer. I've also deleted the cache manually and given it some time. Items still appear missing. Any suggestions/helpful advice? EDIT 1: Downloaded the Second Life viewer, items are all accounted for. Items still appear missing on Firestorm, perhaps a reinstall? 2: Clean install has not resolved the problem. Also can't connect to Firestorm' website.
  5. The mesh is not yet textured. Just UV unwrapped. I don't think that's the problem :l
  6. Hi, thanks for reading! I need someone to help me identify a problem I'm currently having with my meshes. When I rotate my camera around the mesh, there's a rapid "flickering" of the faces on the model. I've checked to see if there are doubles, or hidden faces but the topology appears to be completely fine. See images below. The first image shows the flickering of the mesh. It can only be picked up with certain lighting. The glitch is only visible on High to Ultra settings. . The second image shows the .dae file which appears to have no errors. The problem also occurs with simpler meshes as well, such as a wall with a door (Three quads split into tri's). 
  7. The problem doesn't appear once I've uploaded it into Second Life, so I'm just going to simply ignore it for now. Still kinda strange, though.
  8. I'm having a problem with baking a texture for a piano I'm working on. Everything actually bakes well but this one face which always shows as black in the 3D viewport, even though you can see that it has been baked in the UV texture to the right. I've checked my normals, but that does not seem to be the root of the problem. I'm totally puzzled. Any suggestions? 
  9. So I'm using Postmaster to deliver the updated version of the product to those who purchased within the last month. It's already delivered to more than half of the people. It requires that you add name's to a notecard, so I had to go through my transaction history on the marketplace and paste them in manually. Question: How do big creators manage to sent updated versions of their products out to everyone who purchased it? I'm talking about thousands of people. Is there a way I can store a database of name's for sales on a single product automatically?
  10. Thanks very much, I'll see what I can find. Edit: I can't find anything on the Marketplace, because I don't know where to look exactly. Can anyone recommend me a redelivery/update terminal that checks for avatar online presence? Edit: Found one.
  11. I only have a marketplace store with a few products, one of which is a collar and cuff set. A week ago a customer who bought that set IM'ed me, and I ended up giving her a mod version of the collar as requested. I don't know how it happened, but the contents in my marketplace listing for that collar and cuff set changed to the folder I made for her which didn't have all of the contents of the original product. This meant people were buying the set and only getting one collar, the one I edited for her. This went on for about a week before I noticed it. I need to know how I can do a mass redelivery to all of the people who had bought this collar within the last week, I've fixed the contents, but I'm not going to forget about the people who paid for this set only to recieve one item. Please help!
  12. Thanks Freya for the fast reply. A very simple fix, I can't believe I missed that.
  13. Here's what I'm talking about: It's completely fine on the left side, but as you can see, the right side is completely distorted and I can't find a fix for it. Anyone know any neat tricks to fix this? Thanks.
  14. I'm creating an old English themed home and I'm trying to find the best places on Second Life for good quality/unique furniture with excellent animations. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask the forum while I search. Would anyone like to share their favourite locations for buying furniture on SL? :)
  15. I think that might just have fixed it. Thanks very much for your invaluable information. I'm sort of glad I had a problem to begin with because I would never have known that. x)
  16. OH. I see So, basically all I have to do is upload a texture without transparency? I've re-uploaded the images without alpha channels, and it's now showing as "none" on the alpha mode. So I'm assuming that's what you meant.
  17. I've actually gone ahead and cleaned my mesh up in Blender and my trangles are now effectively halfed (4355) The problem doesn't appear to be there anymore, though I feel like I still need time to tell. Anyway, it is indeed set to Apha blending and the masking is set to none, so I don't think that appears to be the issue. As for the normals, they SHOULD be fine. All I have to do is recalculate them, right?
  18. I'm beginning to think that maybe I'll have to go in and re-do some parts of this mesh. Now that I'm looking at it in Blender, there does seem to be a lot of verticies. Especially in the smaller parts such as the loop and buckle.
  19. Hi! From what I can tell, it does occur slightly when I rez it on the ground, but it very quickly corrects itself. Sometimes it doesn't do it at all. The problem appears mostly when attatching it to an avatar. The maximum triangle count is: 9822 and 4911 vertices. The numbers seem quite high.
  20. Here's what I mean: In the first image, you can see that there's transparent areas and missing parts all together. This is how my mesh looks when it's first attached. It will stay like this until I right click it. It's also the same for anyone else that's wearing it, and they experience the same issue. What's going on here exactly? Any ideas?
  21. I've made a set of cuffs in Blender that I want to get onto the Marketplace, but I feel like I should really add a resize script first. The problem is, I don't have any knowledge on scripting what-so-ever. So I'd like to know if I could purchase one, or pick one up for free that can allow scaling on ALL axis. I love the re-size scripts that have seperate menu's for each axis. On another note, I'd really like to learn more about scripting. If anyone knows a good place to get started, I'd really appreciate it if you shared it. I also heard that you can be taught in world? That may also be something I'd be interested in :)
  22. Christhiana wrote: You can get some results by experimenting with the positions of the lights in your scene. Blender bakes the specular reflection for each pixel as if it was looking straight at it. I see. I've been using mesh plane's with emission shaders around my object to try and get some good lighting for baking, but I'm curious as to what else I could do to increase the results. One thing I'd like to ask about is the "Light Path" properties under the Render tab, just above the Bake button. There's a lot of options that sound like they could make a difference in the bake, but I don't know much about them yet. I'm also told to increase the sampling for better results, so I do bump that up quite a bit before baking. Does increasing the number of bounces under the Light Paths do much for me? It's hard to tell at this point because I'm always changing my material nodes. As for specular mapping, I haven't really explored that area yet, but I'll see what I can learn.
  23. So I seem to have a grasp on texture baking now, I've been experimenting a lot with different materials lately, and I understand the process fairly well. But It's becoming more apparent to me that the effect I want to achieve is actually physically impossible, as the texture I have in rendered is dynamic and blender can only bake a static image. It wouldn't be possible for blender to capture all those different angles at once to give off the type of reflections that are shown in the image I posted earler. (Which are only visible because of my camera positioning). Instead, what I really get are some dull shines that aren't very sharp, and I also can't seem to bake specular light either. So now I'm wondering if people actually just create these latex textures in Photoshop, or if I simply don't have enough knowledge yet to pull it off in Blender. I suppose I could bake what I can and then save the images for further enhancing in Photoshop, but it would be very time consuming. I really need some professional advice here.
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